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Vansterdam Comix by David Malmo-Levine & Bob High *Autographed*


With beautiful, highly detailed illustrations by Bob High and heroic tales of the cannabis community by David Malmo-Levine, this story will leave you in awe. Learn how cannabis was originally cultivated and used, as well as the supposed “war on drugs,” and how it still affects us all to this day. This book has been history in the making since 2004 but sadly was destroyed in a studio fire where only a single page survived. Now nearly 10 years and thousands of work hours later Vansterdam Comix will captivate your attention so you won’t put it down till you’re done!

Featuring prominent figures in the Vancouver’s Cannabis community, this four-hundred and twenty paged bright and bold book, is dripping with hilarious and poignant tales. Spark a joint, get comfy and enjoy the story of Vancouver’s Cannabis history.

Author David Malmo-Levine has been published in Cannabis Culture, High Times and The Pot Book. Illustrator Bob High is well known for his art and has been published in Cannabis Culture. Find more of Bob High’s art in your local WEEDS® location.

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