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The Little Book Of Cannabis – How Marijuana Can Improve Your Life by Amanda Siebert *Autographed*


Cannabis. Weed. Bud. Whatever you choose to call it, it’s been a health aid,
comfort, and life-enhancer for humankind for more than three thousand years.
But while cannabis is used by hundreds of millions of people around the world,
more than a century of prohibition has resulted in confusion about its status: Is
it healthy? Is it medicinal? Will it make you crazy?

In this fun, illuminating book, cannabis journalist Amanda Siebert delves deep
into the latest research to separate marijuana fact from fiction, revealing ten
evidence-based ways this potent little plant can improve your life. She speaks
with some of the world’s top researchers, medical professionals, and consultants
to answer questions such as: Can cannabis help you get a full night’s sleep? Does
it aid in exercise and weight loss? Can it really cure cancer? She also offers
practical advice for enjoying its benefits, including easy-to-follow, step-by-step
instructions for consumption and dosage, as well as examples of people who
have used this drug to enhance their lives. Cannabis, it turns out, could be lifechanging:
it can enrich any diet, slow down aging, and even spice things up in
the bedroom.

Based in Greater Vancouver, B.C., Amanda Siebert is an award-winning
journalist and photographer best known for her work as the first-ever cannabis
editor at the Georgia Straight. When she’s not writing, making photographs, or
indulging in the herb, she enjoys road trips, practicing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and
taking her dog, Honey, to the beach.

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