EXPERT JOINTS LIVE! – Tales From The Triangle

Join Craig Ex aka ‘The Expert of EXPERT JOINTS‘ Thursdays at 4:20pmPT from the Pot TV studio at the world famous Marc Emery‘s Cannabis Culture Headquarters for our weekly weed webcast!

This episode features Jonathan Valdman of Forever Flowering Greenhouses, Taylor Blake of The Emerald Cup, Tawnie Logan of the Sonoma County Growers Alliance and Lauren Fraser of RVR River Collective; who will be presenting “The Emerald Triangle: The History, the People, The Legendary Strains” as speakers at this weekend’s Lift Expo here in Vancouver. We’ll also have news and updates from the past week; plus Faded Finds, Baked Baking, and Expert Correspondent Nukem the Newlywed with a feature on creative roller Cody Van Gogh… as well as weed from Cannabis Culture’s 512 Beatty St location, and a whole lot more!

Original air date – September 15, 2016