“If ain’t broke then don’t try to fix it.” – DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince

Some say change is inevitable, while others believe why change what works so well already. Can it be possible to have your weed brownie and eat it too?

When Marc Emery, the Prince of Pot was finally released from prison after four and a half years, he emerged to a drastically different chronic climate. Many police agencies across Canada are less concerned with tweed transgressions than in the past. Some U.S. states have even outright legalized weed, where it’s becoming big business. Voters’ attitudes are changing world wide and politicians are being forced to keep up. It’s finally to sinking in – you can’t keep a good girl like MaryJane down forever!

Politics aside, bud smokers also have more gadgets and options to get higher than ever with. Concentrated extracts have been around for ages, but are sky-rocketing in popularity these days. Vaping too is nothing new, however the technology is significantly improving. Home units and cumbersome bags are being replaced by portable pocket-sized pot puffing paraphernalia.

You can’t really argue the health implications of smoking versus vapourizing; as many people do not want their lungs filled with smoke and heat. Of course the high is quite different when compared to blazing a doob, but there are reasons why it has its appeal. The minimal herbal odor released tends to dissipate quicker and leaves no need for ashtrays either, both of which can be a dead giveaway for an incognito smoker. With more and more contraptions hitting the market regularly, it is easy to see why certain folks feel the e-joint might be the future.

It can nevertheless be prohibitive too. Whereas a pack of rollies is only a couple bucks, doesn’t need to be recharged and fits in the smallest places; a vapourizer can cost hundreds of dollars, need constant reloading and may run out of juice halfway through a session. Some use liquids, while some work with flowers and/or budder or shatter. Some of the latest compact devices are the size of a smart phone, and others resemble a pen or laser pointer. Some work rather well and some are complete pieces of shit. Some of the e-pens still actually burn the material as opposed to properly vaping it, so do your homework before purchasing the proper unit for you.

Expert Joints sees these units as supplementary pieces that make a good go-to when you can’t blaze a blunt or joint, rather than a replacement for the old standby. Nothing else really gets you quite as faded as a fatty. That said, sometimes it is nice to have options instead of going without.

So what did the Prince himself do once freed? He sure didn’t press the button on a vape pen. Nope. Marc sparked up a nice fat joint and burned it down! Maybe you just can’t teach an old dog new tricks, or maybe you just don’t mess with the classics.

– The Expert –