“I can’t help you if you don’t have the language down.
It’s either sink or swim, and the average drown.”
– Swollen Members

Joint Jargon. Tweed Terminology. Dank Diction. Nugget Nomenclature. Pot Patois. You know… Weed Words.

Every race, region and generation has its own slang culture when it comes to marijuana. You’ve probably heard the herbs called dozens of different names over the years. Everything from cannabis to chronic, purps to piff – the list is a long one. For the most part, they are readily interchangeable ways to refer to reefer.

Stories abound as to how the terms may have originated, but a few have become uniquely specific and must be used correctly to avoid looking like a ganja greenhorn, or committing a serious blazing blunder.

The classic ‘marijuana cigarette’ we all know and love with three basic ingredients. Just a rolling paper, some weed and a filter (unless you smoke filter-less savages) is all you need. Be they your standard one paper, 1¼ or king size, pinner or fatty – everyone loves to smoke a well put together joint. Generally a white or unbleached, rice or hemp paper is the norm, but flavoured and even clear cellulose papers are readily available.

If a joint is a kin to a cigarette, the blunt is a ‘marijuana cigar’ – Sweet maryjane rolled in a tobacco leaf. Leaves can be hard to come by, so smokers looking for a long slow burn would slice open an inexpensive cigar like a Phillies Blunt, pack it full of grass and burn it down. There are several suitable brands commonly used now, as well as tobacco papers known as blunt wraps; as featured in the BEST how to roll a blunt video ever.

Use caution here! Through much of the world, a spliff is marijuana and tobacco combined. Popularly smoked together in Europe and in eastern parts of North America, the mixture is often used by people who are trying to conserve their cheeba, those with wet weed, or by folks looking to get just a little buzz. Careful though, pass that a spliff to someone who doesn’t smoke cigarette tobacco, and watch their face furrow.

You don’t have to be an Expert, but if you’re going to speak on a subject, at least know what you’re talking about.

Like Biggie said… “and if you don’t know, now you know”.

– The Expert –