“What a diff’rence a day made. And the difference is you.” – Dinah Washington

At this time last year, EXPERT JOINTS was barely seven weeks old. We were coming off a smoking success of a launch, a hazy 4/20 herb hangover; and were beginning preparations for a chronic consuming Cannabis Day. We had just a handful of Twitter followers, a smattering of YouTube views, and but a few subscribers who weren’t friends and family. But on some Kevin Costner ‘Field of Dreams’ shit, we built it, and you really did come!

Having grown tired of seeing poor quality videos, offering half-assed rolling advice littering the internet, we decided it was time to raise the bar. No more jittery joint videos with poor lighting and zero production value; providing the best quality videos and information on all things rolling related is what we’ve aimed to do. As of this article being published, we’re approaching 700,000 video views totaling nearly 1.4 million minutes watched, 250,000+ page views, over 47,000 followers and nearly 4,800 subscribers; our efforts feel vindicated. It appears as if it was not just us who felt it was high time for some well put together marijuana material!

From a small and smoked out office in Vancouver BC, we’ve already been able to connect with over 50,000 pot puffing people from more than 100 countries; which is both remarkably humbling and gratifying. It’s been a privilege to speak with medical patients, first time users and the other canna-businesses who routinely reach out to us; as well as the many Expert Associates we’ve been lucky to work with. Only two years ago, we could not have expected to be featured in documentaries, make guest appearances on radio shows, work with industry experts, be sponsored by Smoking Papers and supported by stars such as Margaret Cho, Montel Williams and Bounty Killer… or crack an amazing 2.5 million web interactions.

Without the serious support of our talented tweed team and you our ever-growing number of readers and viewers, ‘weed’ be nowhere. A massive thank you goes out to you all, we appreciate it so much! It’s been an amazing journey thus far, but rest assured – there is a great deal more to come! In the weeks and months ahead, we’ll be releasing a brand new look; anchored by our fresh new logo and updated website. Our new site will give us the opportunity to offer you more content, in an easier to navigate format. There are plenty of new videos on deck, per your numerous requests; as well as several new features and services lie in wait. Look for a host of new Expert Associates, and importantly, an expansion of our Expert Accessories. It should be a helluva year, so stay high, and stay tuned!

– The Expert –