“You know that it would be untrue. You know that I would be a liar.  If I was to say to you - Girl, we couldn't get much higher. Come on baby, light my fire” - The Doors

What good is cereal without milk, or Kool-Aid without sugar? Chocolate and peanut butter are tasty on their own, but extra delicious when combined. Do you know Cheech, if there is no Chong? Sometimes, you just can’t have one without the other. Rolling all the well put together joints in the world isn’t going to get you high, if you have nothing to light them with.

You know that awful feeling you get while rummaging through your pockets or purse looking for something to light your joint, only to discover you have no fire? Ever tried sparking a bong off the stove during desperate times? Prehistoric cave people probably learned to make fire shortly after discovering a pot plant out behind the tar pits; necessity is the mother of invention after all. This Expert Advice feature touches on torches, the unsung heroes of high times.

Matches: They’re better than nothing; so toss a couple packs in a drawer or your stash box, in case of emergencies. So long as they’re dry, you can get high! Avoid gusts of wind and burning your fingertips, as well as weed that needs to be constantly re-lit, or you’ll end up more frustrated than faded.

Disposable: Some say that the classic Bic lighter everyone knows and loves is the most stolen item on earth. See for yourself. Go out one night with a pocket full of them, and you’ll come home with none; leave empty handed, and you’ll wake up to a pair you didn’t realize you pilfered. Cheap, easy to find and relatively long lasting, it’s hard to go wrong. Except that plastic takes hundreds of years to decompose and with 350 million of them ending up in American landfills annually alone; they leave a lasting environmental impact.

Refillable: If you watch our videos, you’ll notice a beautiful IM Corona ‘Old Boy’ prominently featured; while the above gives a glimpse at a 1980 Gucci ‘GG Slimline’. One of the nicest things about using a good lighter is that people are less inclined to walk away with it; but you don’t have to break the bank to burn your blunt. A Clipper is durable, refillable, made from mostly recycled materials and costs less than five bucks. Refillable butane lighters are really the best way to go!

Coil: Cars used to have cigarette lighters, before being swapped for twelve volt sockets. That glowing hot electrically charged coil could light your smoke and your seat, if you weren’t careful. Useless on bongs and once destined for a date with the dodo birds, the new USB rechargeable coil lighters are windproof and use no flammable liquid.

Zippo®: Admittedly, the sound of the lid opening and closing might just be the coolest clink around; the taste of lighter fluid however, is not cool at all. You can actually see the toxins burning off black, as the familiar flame flickers. Save this one for your cigarettes and keep your Kush clean.

– The Expert –