From Ancillary Services to Medical Applications, Cannabis is Changing Lives Forever

Cannabis legalization is changing many things for people around the world. It’s not only offering people a healthy option compared to the dangerous deadly pharmaceutical pills that are so commonly prescribed today, it’s also offering a financial stability to the many ancillary services that cater to the industry. MMJ patients are seeing substantial benefits when given the option of safe access to cannabis. In the United States alone cannabis legalization has already saved Medicare an estimated 11 million dollars plus.


Not only are people able to kick prescription drugs when utilizing cannabis, they are able to stay off of them. This created a trickle down effect for doctors, pharmacists, and pharmaceutical companies. The kickbacks received by doctors from the pharmaceutical industry won’t continue to be there if the pharmaceutical companies are not able to sell their drugs. Retail cannabis is also a market in which adults are showing they enjoy as much, if not more than, the retail and recreational sides of alcohol and tobacco.


Countless ancillary services that range from clothing and accessories to packaging, restaurants, travel services and more are starting to see financial stability thanks to this budding industry. Even as a writer, I have found a living in the cannabis industry.  I love what I do. I would never have imagined that I could make a living doing this. Many other individuals are finding the same success running other ancillary services.


Working with individuals across throughout the cannabis community to help bring diversity to the table is a beautiful thing. These many different ancillary services are as colorful and vibrant as the many different cannabis strains themselves. It’s said that variety is the spice of life and the cannabis industry knows this to be true. It is a beautiful industry that is made up of a diversity of culture and has brought people together for decades. It’s continuing to bring people together to this day and the countless ancillary services that cater to this green industry truly are providing a new outlook on life for many.


Where there was once struggle, people now have the chance for future generational wealth and to build a foundation for their family’s future. Cannabis is helping medical marijuana patients around the world to feel better and heal. Hemp is helping to feed and fuel the planet while also becoming a major player and component in textiles and manufacturing. Not to mention it’s incredible health benefits. The herb truly is the healing of the nations.


When it comes to cannabis legalization in your area be sure that you pay attention and vote in favor of responsible cannabis reform laws. Unfortunately, this is an industry that is worth billions of dollars and that is going to bring corporate structure into it at some point. All we can do is continue what we’ve done through prohibition and keep the herb alive in its true form.


Everyone in the cannabis community can tell you that you will not successfully synthesize cannabis in a laboratory and this is the issue that pharmaceutical companies are having and why they fight cannabis so hard. This is nature’s gift, not yours. It’s here to help the people not profit the 1% this time. You attempted to eradicate this beautiful plant and failed miserably. There are more of us than you and it’s our time to shine. We’re not going to take your shit anymore and we’re going to stand up for everyone’s rights around the world! Cannabis and the countless ancillary services that cater to this beautiful industry are helping to change the world making it a cleaner, greener, and happier place to live. Support small businesses in the cannabis community before you support corporate structure and never let the culture die!

Article courtesy of Expert Contributor: JamesP from CannaLance (, @CannaLance, @CannaLancer710)