A Tennessee Homegrown Passion for Cannabis 

Have you ever wondered what it was like to move out of a prohibition state to one that allows for retail cannabis purchases and consumption? Well, of course, other than the fact that it’s fucking awesome! if so stick with me and let’s take a journey of what it was like discovering the herb in a prohibition state and living in states that were not friendly to the ganja before moving to the epicenter of retail legalization in the US.


Smoking Weed in Tennessee

I first discovered the joys of smoking weed while living in Tennessee. Throughout my teenage years and as a young adult I was a regular cannabis consumer that lived in fear that if I got caught my whole future would be ruined. This never deterred me though as I’ve always had a belief in a human’s right to consume whatever they like as well as the medical benefits that cannabis offered. For several years I remember having to meet with sketchy people in sketchy locations at the craziest of times trying to make a deal to be able the blaze one later that day.


Moving On Up to Wisconsin

At the age of 20, I moved from Tennessee to Wisconsin. My cannabis consumption continued as well as my fear of going to jail during this time and throughout my years in Wisconsin. During this time, I obtained a degree in Computer Networking through ITT Tech. While in college I experienced firsthand the devastating effects of prohibition when one of the most important people in my life got hauled away to jail for having just under 2 ounces of cannabis in his car while headed out on vacation.


A Tragic Loss and New Beginning

After suffering the loss of a child that could have benefited drastically from CBD, our family created CannaLance (formerly Marijuana Writers) and set out on a mission to educate the world about why prohibition needs to be ended immediately. This journey led us to move to Colorado in 2016. Since being in Colorado it has felt incredible knowing that I can obtain cannabis legally and not have to worry about going to jail.


The Devastation I Still See to this Day

Over the course of these years in prohibition states and still to this day I watch as several of my childhood friends and family members get arrested for cannabis or turn to more illicit drugs such as they ones they are prescribed by their doctor as these drugs do not come with the same consequences as smoking a joint does. I have watched as these pharmaceuticals have changed their lives and even took life from a few of them.


The Downfalls of Living in a Legal State

While it is amazing living in a state such as Colorado that understands that cannabis is not the devil it has been made out to be, it does have its drawbacks for me. As I sit here in Colorado smoking a well put-together joint I know that my friends and family are still back home suffering the effects of prohibition. I know dozens of individuals in Tennessee that could benefit from marijuana legalization not only from a recreational standpoint but also from a medical one. It is devastating to know that more and more residents of states such as TN are becoming addicted to pharmaceuticals and illicit drugs that flush from their system in a matter of two to three days simply because they cannot legally smoke or consume a natural growing plant.

One TN Homegrown Example of Why Medical Marijuana is Needed ASAP

An individual’s story that I just recently came across is one of a Tennessee native that could benefit substantially from medical marijuana legalization. Seth Green lives in Tennessee and suffers from a condition known as cerebral palsy and has his entire life. During his teenage years, he started to develop seizures and was on a large cocktail of different pharmaceuticals. Many of which did not provide relief and had horrible side effects. Since finding cannabis Seth has found great success in treating his ailments and has become a major advocate for medical marijuana legalization in Tennessee. Seth manages a Facebook page known as Green Pastures which is dedicated to bringing people together to push for legalization across the state. Seth is just one story and there are many more just like his not only in Tennessee but in places around the world.

Private Prisons + Bible Belt = Major Opposition

One of the major industries that is against marijuana legalization is private prisons as most of them currently are packed with nonviolent drug offenders and they know firsthand that if we were to quit arresting cannabis offenders they would lose millions of dollars. Coincidentally the headquarters of one of the biggest private prison corporations in the country, CCA, is located in Nashville Tennessee.

The combination of this opposition and the fact that Tennessee is part of the Bible Belt there are many obstacles that still stand in the way in the state when it comes to legalizing cannabis in any form. Luckily some counties are putting in measures to at least decriminalize cannabis which will have a major impact on the effects of prohibition currently being faced by individuals in those areas if passed.


The Heartbreak Continues

It is heartbreaking knowing that many of my loved ones and friends back home are at risk of losing their lives as they know it for possessing a plant. It is all so heartbreaking to know that the epidemic surrounding pharmaceutical drugs and things such as meth could be helped by cannabis legalization yet the plant is likely to remain illegal for some time in TN as well as other states which will ultimately result in many unnecessary deaths.


We Haven’t Forgotten You

If you live in a prohibition state know that just because there are millions of people who now have legal access to marijuana either on a recreational or medicinal basis we have not forgotten about you or the effects that prohibition still reaps upon your communities and families. We will continue to fight for your right to medicate and recreate with the herb until the prohibition of cannabis is ended once and for all!

Article courtesy of Expert Contributor: AshleyP from CannaLance (, @CannaLance)