Virginia Folks, Like So Many Others Want to Know, How Can CBD Help Me?

Medical Marijuana is finally an option for folks in Virginia like it is in so many other places. For residents of the state this is great news. This means that now your doctor can make a medical marijuana recommendation for you. This is great progress. Cannabis or marijuana as many still call it is medicine.

It holds a multitude of medicinal properties offering relief to millions around the world every day. From chronic pain to anxiety, depression, insomnia, eating disorders, terminal illnesses and more, the plant called cannabis is making a comeback.

In the state of Virginia medical marijuana is now legal in the form of CBD/THCa oil. This is the oil you hear about that helps many. Some serious conditions however will require high THC rescue oils. High THC oils and cannabis flowers are forms of medical marijuana currently not legal for Virginia residents.

Cannabidiol/THCa Oil

What’s legal is, Cannabidiol/THCa oil. First let’s look at the THCa aspect quick. THCa is delta9 tetrahydrocannabinol acid. You can find it in both hemp and marijuana. It holds virtually no intoxicating effects unless it’s decarboxylated. Cannabidiol (CBD) is the other side of legal oil in Virginia. CBD like THCa can be found in both hemp and marijuana. Together they make a powerful pair.

These are two cannabinoids that are present in cannabis. A Google search of how many cannabinoids are in cannabis will show you the result of 113. In total, there are more than 400 compounds that make up the chemical composition of cannabis. We only have started to learn about a handful of these impressive cannabinoids and the potential they hold.

CBD (Cannabidiol) may be used to treat epilepsy, depression, chronic pain, psychotic disorders and more. It may also hold these medicinal values.

  • Neuroprotectant
  • -Anti-emetic (nausea/appetite loss)
  • -Antioxidant
  • -Anti-inflammatory
  • -Anticonvulsant (seizures)
  • -Antipsychotic (psychosis, depression, anxiety)
  • -Appetite stimulant
  • -Found in Cannabis and Hemp but with variations

THCa (tetrahydrocannabinol acid) is most commonly consumed via juicing raw cannabis through a wheat grass juicer or blender. Buds are best in the blender while leaves work great in wheat grass juicers according to the work of Dr. William Courtney in California. These are some of the properties we have learned about THCa.

  • -Neuroprotectant
  • -Improved neural and intestinal function
  • -Anti-inflammatory
  • -Anti-emetic (nausea/appetite loss)
  • -Anti-proliferative
  • Located in raw cannabis before decarboxylation occurs
  • -Located in Cannabis and Hemp but with variations

These are but only two of the amazing compounds that make up cannabis. When you add all of the cannabinoids together, you get what is referred to as the entourage effect. Here are some of the other phytocannabinoids found in cannabis and a few of the ways they help.

  • CBDv (Cannabivarin)- Anti-nausea, anti-epileptic
  • CBC (Cannabichromene)- Anti-tumor, anti-fungal, encourages brain growth
  • THC8 (delta (8) tetrahydrocannabinol)- Anti-nausea, appetite stimulant
  • THC9 (delta (9) tetrahydrocannabinol)- Alzheimer’s Disease, PTSD, Cancer
  • THCv (tetrahydrocannabivarin)- Anti-convulsant, aides in weight loss, neuroprotective
  • CBN (Cannabinol)- Antibiotic, appetite stimulant, sedative, pain reliever, anti-asthmatic
  • CBG (Cannabigerol)- Pain reliever, Anti-tumor, anti-depressant, antibiotic
What Is the Difference Between CBD From Hemp VS. CBD From Marijuana

A very common question these days is what exactly is the difference between CBD from hemp vs. CBD from marijuana? This is a great question that has a rather simple answer. There are slight differences in cannabinoid profiles and uses for the two plants. CBD that comes from the hemp plant will contain very minimal Trace Amounts of tetrahydrocannabinol or THC.

For a cannabis plant to be considered a hemp plant it must have a THC profile of 0.003% or less. CBD that comes from hemp also has a much lower active parts-per-million than CBD that comes from marijuana. On average CBD from hemp contains 25 active ppm (parts per million). CBD from marijuana contains 150,000 active ppm. Hemp CBD can be very effective still when administered in large titrates or dosages.

Is CBD Legal Everywhere

There’s a lot of confusion about whether CBD is illegal everywhere in the United States or not. The answer is yes CBD should be legal everywhere in the United States. There are some places where you may have to prove that your CBD is in fact a hemp CBD and not a CBD from marijuana.

Currently, 9 states in America have recreational cannabis laws in place. 30 States have medical marijuana laws in place. Marijuana is also legal in Washington DC. There have been cases where people were arrested and charged with marijuana possession for having a CBD tincture in their vehicle. These individuals had to go to court and prove they were not in possession of marijuana but rather in possession of CBD. These cases are dismissed, and the defendants feel grateful most often.

When people start counter-suing states for not understanding the laws they are supposed to enforce we will start to see more of a change possibly in the confusion about whether CBD is illegal everywhere. If your CBD doesn’t come from medical marijuana or recreational marijuana you should be just fine.

What Does CBD Taste Like

How CBD tastes will depend entirely on how you are consuming it. CBD will taste different when you are vaping compared to when you are eating an edible, smoking flower, or consuming concentrates. Traditionally CBD has a taste described as woody, earthy, nutty, and sometimes even a cherry-like flavor.

Thanks to advancing technologies in the cannabis sector terpene reintroduction has helped to give CBD an entirely new flavor. CBD doesn’t just have to taste like gerbil bedding or hamster bedding or even just cherry anymore. There are varieties of CBD concentrates and flowers that have remarkable flavor profiles very similar to that of cannabis. Some CBD products use fruit terpenes to produce sensationally sweet palate pleasing concoctions.

How CBD Makes Many People Feel

CBD like anything else may affect everyone a little bit differently. Typically, the effects of CBD are ones associated with calm and relaxing feelings. Consumers often report reduced nausea along with pain relief. Improved mood is also a benefit many consumers experience from CBD.

Studies have shown CBD to contain antipsychotic properties. CBD offers many of the same characteristics you would find from THC just without the intoxicating effects. Very few people ever experience a buzz from CBD.

A Few Of the Ways You Might Benefit From CBD

If you’re someone who lives with a condition or conditions that make everyday life difficult then chances are CBD may be just what you need. Many people find relief from daily symptoms of arthritis, anxiety, nausea, depression, and more by utilizing the healing properties associated with CBD.

If you live in a state that has legal retail or recreational marijuana laws then you can try a full spectrum CBD, a CBD isolate, or a CBD hemp product. If you live in one of the draconian prohibition states that have yet to pass any kind of medical marijuana reform laws, you will only be able to legally try CBD products that come from hemp.

A lot of consumers that have allergy problems report great results when they add CBD to their daily diets.

Where to Find CBD

Where to find CBD can be as tricky as finding out whether it’s legal where you live. Unfortunately, there are companies out there advertising CBD products to be top of the line when they’re more like bottom of the barrel.

Knowing if the product you’re looking at purchasing is a quality one or not can usually be done by doing a little research. Google the brand of CBD product you’re thinking about purchasing. Read good reviews and bad reviews. Use these to help formulate your own opinion.

One of the best methods is word of mouth. If you have a friend or family member that has tried a CBD product and speaks highly about it this may be something you might want to consider trying. The best CBD products are the ones that come with certified testing.

Without lab results you really don’t know what you’re getting. Sometimes even with lab results we don’t really know what we’re getting as we have seen in other states, labs aren’t always accurate. However, it is an extra layer of security when it comes to what you’re putting in your body.

Positive cannabis reform laws will help to bring about a regulated market. A market that produces products with accurate and authentic labeling information. Cannabis according to reports in magazines like Forbes say that the cannabis industry is estimated to be worth $40 to 50 billion dollars right now if you combine both the legal and black markets.

It’s said that legalizing medical marijuana across the country could save hundreds of millions of dollars off the nation’s insurance costs. Cannabis was once part of the U.S. pharmacopoeia. It’s time for it to be part of it once again. Support positive cannabis reform laws and helped bring an end to draconian marijuana prohibition.

Article courtesy of Expert Contributor: JamesP from CannaLance (, @CannaLance, @CannaLancer710)