Women Grow Welcomes Leah Heise as the New CEO

Women Grow is a rapidly growing cannabis industry organization based on networking and helping lead cannabis businesses to success through providing the tools and resources needed to excel in this industry. The organization was originally founded and launched just two years ago and has been primarily overseen by the founders Jane West and Jazmin Hupp since.  Both Jane and Jasmine have been very transparent throughout the past two years when it comes to their plans of eventually stepping down from their executive positions at Women Grow and just recently this transition occurred. On July 1st Leah Heise was introduced as the new CEO of Women Grow.


Over the past two years the organization has expanded to over 40 cities throughout the United States and Canada. the chapters in each of these cities hold a monthly networking event and the organization also holds many different National events for all members throughout the year. Leah has an extensive background in the Cannabis industry as well as regulatory compliance laws. Leah has been a part of women grow since late last year and upon learning of Jazmin and Jane’s intentions for transitioning into other roles she was immediately intrigued and opened up dialogue with them presenting herself as an optimal candidate for the position. After interviewing several individuals and extensively over going the many applications received it was obvious to Jane and Jazmin that Leah was in fact the best choice to be their successor.

Leah ventured into the cannabis industry in her home state of Maryland after they enacted a legal medical marijuana industry. She first started exploring this Market when looking for natural alternatives for treatment of debilitating conditions she has suffered from that were traditionally treated utilizing harmful and addictive opiate-based pharmaceuticals. Just last year Leah helped to co-found the Chesapeake Integrated Health Institute and helped to develop a management team which will be applying for licenses to process, distribute, and grow cannabis in the Maryland Medical MJ market. Leah has an outstanding vision for the future of Women Grow including bringing more value to the member benefits as well as bringing more synchronicity to the overall organization through working with the chapter leaders across the nation.


Leah definitely possesses the passion, drive, dedication, experience and knowledge to take Women Grow to the next level and expand on the exceptional foundation and mission put in place by Jane West and Jazmin Hupp. We look forward to seeing the step she takes in the weeks, months, and years to come. Her prime objective is to help strengthen and implement a stronger overall infrastructure when it comes to their ever growing number of chapters throughout North America. With over 400 applications waiting to be processed, her energy and devotion to building this infrastructure could not come at a better time.

Article courtesy of Expert Contributor: AshleyP from CannaLance (CannaLance.com, @CannaLance)