The Other Glass Isn’t China Trash

Support Your Local Glass Artist

Recently I had the pleasure of meeting a local glass blower in the Colorado area. His name, Nicholas Borophile.  Here’s how it went down. I was in Denver one afternoon not too long ago on some business. After finishing the business up early I decided to take a ride over to Red Rocks Amphitheater to take in the beauty and energy of this incredible place. After hiking a few trails and smoking aka trailblazin’ at the Red Rocks Amphitheatre, I decided to drive the back roads for a few.

While on the back roads twisting and turning through the mountain valley I stumbled across a quaint little town. It was kind of a touristy little town with gift shops and things of such. Towards the end of the town, a bright yellow tiny little hippie shack caught my eye called the Happy Shack. The small bright yellow building with smiley faces and a hippie essence drew me in.

Upon going inside, I saw the store was filled with all kinds of smoking accessories and essentials. I noticed a gentleman speaking with the store owner that had a case with him. As I glanced over the items in the shop I made my way to the store owner where I introduced myself. When I told him I was a writer he pointed at the gentleman with the case and said there’s a man you need to meet.

I walked over and introduce myself. We exchanged business cards and I began to inquire about what was in his box. When he opened the box it was filled with beautiful glass work. It contained spoons that were 4 to 6 inches. These weren’t your typical junk pipes that I’m used to seeing. He went to show me one and dropped it. At first, I thought it was an accident but then I realized it was on purpose as he was showing me the quality of the work and thickness of the heady glass.


All of the glass pieces in his box were elegantly handcrafted by none other than Nicholas himself. The fumes that were in the glass was absolutely beautiful giving each piece its own unique characteristics and individuality. The carb and the bowl were made as if Nicholas himself planned on smoking out of each piece. They were perfectly proportioned.

I ended up purchasing a bowl from him which to me after many years of smoking is one my favorite pieces in my collection.  I love the quality of it. I love that it came from a local artist. I love the artist initials stamped into my bowl.  Can I just say I love it!


Local artists have exquisite talent. When you contact them you’ll be surprised that you can most often times purchase a high-quality piece of local art for practically the same price as the cheap China junk that is sold openly everywhere. Support your local glass artist wherever you live. If that happens to be Colorado and you are in the market for some new quality glass, check out The Other Glass and my boy Nicholas Borophile.


Reports are in and the truth is out about the pipes we like to smoke out of. When it comes to a cheap piece of glass your best option is to pass. If you’re going to buy glass pipes you should avoid the four and the $10 and $20 pipes you see in the mega stores and most dispensaries. Unless the piece you are purchasing is sourced from a local artist nine times out of 10 you are getting a China bowl.

A China bowl is not a great takeout dish or something you will enjoy it’s actually something that could be very bad for you in a multitude of different ways. Glass cannabis pipes from China are not allowed to be shipped into the United States due to issues with customs.

The glass bowls from China are made with a mouthpiece and carb and that is it. The bowl doesn’t have the center hole blown into it where you pack your bud. They run a piece of string through the pipe and call it a necklace in customs.

The hole is drilled out once the pipes reach their destination from China. When the customer who purchases these bowls gets them, they hire someone to drill out a small hole in the bowl where you pack your bud to finish it.

This is extremely dangerous as the individual who starts smoking on this bowl can end up with glass shards in their lungs. Then there’s the lead based paint they use to paint the inside of the pipes rather than use the proper techniques for adding color to the glass like American and Canadian craft glass blowers do. You can learn more about china glass in this well put together article on Weedhorn.

Article courtesy of Expert Contributor: JamesP from CannaLance (, @CannaLance)