Sack Pinchers and Doobie Snitchers AKA Wooks

Hey man, I know where to score some of that fire for like $45 bucks a sack. Dudes charging everyone else like 60 or more man. Just let me know. Three days later with no weed you say wtf. Bro, hook me up with some of that fire you were talking about. Stay tuned to hear what happens.

These days consumers in legal med and rec cannabis markets don’t have to worry about one of the plights of the past. The notorious bag pincher. Sack pinchers and doobie snitchers have been around since the beginning of time swiping nugs to fill the holes in their bowl and to have green to roll. These peeps would always be the ones claiming that they could score you that sack of fire. Most of the time the only fire was from the heat you’d feel when you scored a 5 gram or less quarter!

Back in the day, it was just sort of stoner conduct to assume that someone who scored a sack for you could cop a joint out of it. Most of the time this was okay. It was really bad when the unfortunate event of a dry spell came to town. This means sometimes three or four people possibly more might have to score that sack of herb before you get your hands on it.

Is There A Hole In My Sack?

You might have asked yourself this question in an attempt to keep your calm for a few extra seconds. If each person took a gram out and three people had to score your sack before it made its way to your hands this meant you ended up with a four or five-gram quarter sack.

That’s if the fucker getting your sack didn’t just grab half of it. Or, if they didn’t try wetting it down with water or adding stems shoved into what buds you did get to make up for lost weight.  Here bro, sorry it’s a little light but you know how it goes dude, but this stuff will get you lit man!

Today’s generation of legal cannabis consumers have the luxury of a regulated market. One in which the retailer is required to keep scrutinous track of weights and virtually every aspect of the cannabis plant from seed to sale. Many times, dispensaries will weigh merchandise right in front of a customer. I’ve taken my bud home many times and put it on my scales just to see if the weights matched. They always have, by a couple of tenths of a gram or so.

Why Do They Take Doobie Out of The Doobie Ashtray, and Who Are They?

Devin the Dude has a great song called “Doobie Ashtray” that starts off like this, “What you gonna do when the people go home, And you want to smoke weed but the reefer’s all gone, And somebody had the nerve to take the herb up out the doobie ashtray, Why they do me that way?”

Man, that has happened to me more than a few times. Don’t get me wrong sack pinchers and doobie snitchers are still here. They haven’t gone away. It is to my understanding they have taken a new name though. What do you call that person who mooches or pinches your sacks and attacks your roaches at your pad?

In the modern hippie/pop/stoner culture, they have assumed the character title Wook. Apparently, a wook is that lazy bum stoner with no job. The one that hangs out on a bud’s couch and smokes up all their weed eats up all their food and smokes up all their weed. They’re notorious for raiding ashtrays, cleaning out dab rigs, and smoking up anything you leave lying around assuming it’s theirs.

Most often a wook must be told to move on to another host, though some of us keep our wook friends around forever. Sometimes the wook you know might just be a family member. Remember whether you call them wooks, sack pinchers, or doobie snitchers, keep your weed locked up.

Article courtesy of Expert Contributor: JamesP from CannaLance (, @CannaLance, @CannaLancer710)