Invisible Lines Dividing People

The diversity and complexity of the cannabis industry is one that never ceases to amaze me. Growing up on the East Coast, I know all too well what it’s like to live in probation States. Matter of fact I was raised in prohibition States – Florida, Tennessee, South Carolina and Wisconsin. The whole Eastern side of the United States has strict laws surrounding marijuana still. Once again this is something I know all too well, as I’ve had my share of run-ins where I was labeled a cannabis Criminal.


I now live in Colorado and have called it home for about 6 months. Recently, I had the opportunity to attend a cannabis expo in Washington State. I decided to take a road trip to the West Coast to attend the Expo and see the West Coast for the first time as well. Gearing up for the road I realized there was a drive through three prohibitions states. I didn’t like the thought of this. Of course, nearing the state line of Colorado I almost turned around.


However, I pushed on through and kept a small amount of joints pre rolled and ready to be eaten to get me through the ride. I did not enjoy these states. I did not stop to eat. I simply stopped to fill up on gas and continue to drive straight through. Wyoming, Utah, and Idaho lost out on business they could have received from me stopping in restaurants and gift shops. It’s not just me, there’s hundreds even thousands of other people each week that make the same type of trip. The invisible lines that create the borders of States also represent a divided nation.


Cannabis was a beautiful thing in Oregon and Washington State. There were many different strains that were popular in Canada that came into these areas that you do not find in Colorado. B.C. God Bud was one of these trains. It is up there with original skunk, Afghani, and strains like Blueberry and Flo for me. I did find it odd and beautiful, that after driving many hours straight through I came to another invisible line. One that once I crossed, weed was legal again. It seems to me that the United States of America has more than an issue about legalizing marijuana and has an issue about a nation being torn apart by political figures and invisible boundaries.


Cannabis is something that should be legal everywhere. Leaving a legal marijuana state and traveling through prohibition States made me realize this once again more than ever. I know why I write every day. The voice I try to carry to teach and educate people is a voice that I hope it helps to end these old outdated laws that are separating a nation and probation states such as Idaho Wyoming and Utah. The prohibition of marijuana is something that needs to come to an end worldwide.


Marijuana prohibition has divided people for decades. It’s time to take down the invisible barriers. We no longer need walls separating us. Walls have created problems for far too long and are not the solution to anything. The invisible borders in which cannabis prohibition still lives, needs to come to an end. Through the combined efforts of entrepreneurs, activists, and everyday citizens we can create a cleaner Greener solution; one that benefits both the people in the planet and not just profits for corporations.

Article courtesy of Expert Contributor: JamesP from Marijuana Writers (, @MarijuanaWriter)