The Many Faces of Cannabis

When it comes to cannabis consumers, many have this picture of a long-haired hippy getting high in a VW van, but that’s not the case. At least not always! While there may be many long-haired hippies that love to take a toke, they aren’t the most populous group of cannabis consumers. In fact, there are many different faces of cannabis.

Cannabis consumers come from many different walks of life and are people of all ages. From newborn babies and children who utilize cannabis to treat many conditions such as epilepsy, to veterans fighting PTSD and the grandma going through chemo but won’t put her total faith in modern medicine. The faces of cannabis are most likely much more diverse than you think.

To give you an example of just how diverse the cannabis community and culture is, over the next few weeks I am going to be covering “The Many Faces of Cannabis!”. Here are three of the faces of cannabis that are helping breakthrough the stigma surrounding what a “typical” cannabis consumer looks like.

Nona “Supernova”

Novaleigh aka Supernova is a gorgeous 4-year-old little girl who was born with a rare and devastating neurological condition known as Schizencephaly. Schizencephaly is “characterized by abnormal slits or clefts in the cerebral hemispheres of the brain.” This congenital disability causes everything from developmental delays and seizures to issues caused by the lack of brain to spinal cord communication.

Despite giving Nova many different pharmaceuticals, putting her through multiple operations, and subjecting her to numerous different treatment attempts, Nova had no quality of life. This was of course before her family moved her from Austin TX to Colorado.  Since she has started cannabis treatment in Colorado, her quality of life has not only improved it has far surpassed anything her parents or doctors could have ever imagined. Here are some other Faces of Cannabis!

Amy Mellen

Amy Mellen is one beautiful hot mess! Amy who currently lives in Maryland where she is a Medical Cannabis Health Coach at Onebeautifulhotmess and the Owner and Operator of Hot Mess Meds became a medical cannabis patient in her home state of Oregon. Amy began her journey with cannabis in 2014 after she blacked out from Gabapentin while driving with her family in the car. She has detoxed from opiates and benzos more than two dozen times through the years, and since finding great relief and a new life through cannabis, she has devoted her life to helping others. Learn more about Amy and her very inspirational story including how cannabis helped save her marriage here.

Riley Cote

Riley Cote is a former professional hockey player and coach. He is also the founder of the Hemp Heals Foundation and a co-founder of Athletes for Care. Riley is not only a cannabis consumer, he is an activist working hard to bring change to the stigma surrounding cannabis. His passion lies with hemp and how cannabis it can help athletes both during and after their careers.  Riley utilizes cannabis as part of his workout regimen, as well as to help address the ailments he endures from injuries he obtained during his professional athlete career. To learn more about Riley check out my recent article covering his story in The Emerald Magazine here.

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Article courtesy of Expert Contributor: AshleyP from CannaLance (, @CannaLance, @MJWriter87) Disclaimer