Vancouver and its [il]Legal Cannabis Industry

As a young woman in the ever-evolving cannabis industry it’s easy to lose focus and wind up following a path that leads you somewhere you never intended to be. That may be the case for many Vancouverites who’ve recently lost their jobs since Vancouver began regulating the 170+ dispensaries that had become more frequent than Starbucks locations. Many dispensaries remain open after the April 29th deadline given by the city, which can be unnerving for the people working them. The City is still visiting open dispensaries issuing fines to the managers on duty in an attempt to shut them down. I for one didn’t want to be thrown to the wind by the company I worked for when that deadline came so I made an extremely hard decision: I quit.

Now, quitting a job can seem simple. Don’t like it? Leave. Don’t get paid enough? Get a different job. The City might come in and fine you for doing your job? Get the heck out of there! But it wasn’t for the job I had stayed for so long, it was for the patients. Thousands of medical marijuana patients have been left to find new means of obtaining their medications with no direction or validation from the city or local physicians that they even should be looking. After spending some time working with Stormy at the House of Envy, I was lucky enough to come across a new opportunity. Offered a job as a Patient Care Representative at the Medicinal Cannabis Resource Centre, I eagerly took it. Since then my life has exploded with opportunity.

At MCRCI we connect patients with compassionate and knowledgeable doctors so they can obtain their Federal Exemption to obtain and use medicinal cannabis from a Licensed Producer. In my short time here I’ve come across children as young as five months old and seniors as ripe as 80. I wholeheartedly believe in cannabis as an extremely beneficial medicine for nearly any ailment or condition, and speaking with these patients could make believers out of even the most influential cannabis opposers. With two doctors in Vancouver, one in Kamloops, one in Quebec and more coming soon, we have patients all across Canada covered for their medicinal cannabis needs. For those too far for a doctor we offer telecommunication appointments, AKA Skype calls. Patients are helped right from their application through to purchasing as we arrange their appointments, connect them with Licensed Producers and help them navigate the Cannaworld.

If ever there were a place for opportunity in Vancouver’s budding cannabis industry, it’s at MCRCI. Owner Terry Roycroft has connected countless companies and individuals looking to break into the industry and is a well-known face among cannabis professionals. His love for cannabis rivals my own and his knowledge of it is endless. Canada and British Columbia in particular has always been known for its quality cannabis and connoisseurs which is why people like Terry and I are so important to consolidate the legal side of the cannabis industry and create standards based off the patients, not off the profit.

So if you’re an unofficial medical cannabis user and want to be rid of the legalities, contact MCRCI and we’ll get you started. As for me, if you’re keen on learning more about the differences between the illegal and legal side of the cannabis industry then keep checking in to Expert Joints for my next article and follow me and @MCRCI on Instagram.

Article courtesy of Expert Contributor: Trisha Van Haga (@ViolentEruptions)