Just Grow With It

Marijuana legalization has opened up many doors when it comes to the direction for the future of cannabis. Legalization efforts by activists and supporters have led to what is called or being dubbed a green rush. When it comes to what direction the herb will be going, many people are unsure as to how to answer this question.

Some believe dispensaries will open everywhere, and everybody will have access to safe affordable high quality marijuana. Others believe that pharmaceutical companies are trying to put a patent on the compounds found in cannabis making it where you have to have a prescription and obtain your herb from a licensed facility.


States and countries are adopting laws that allow adult residents to grow marijuana without having a med card. Having a med card just means you pay less typically for your herb, can grow more than those without a med card, and you have access to stronger edibles and tinctures at dispensaries with a med card.

Then there are those who believe that seedbanks are trying the ultimate form of control by producing autoflowering and feminized seeds that are not able to be cloned and do not produce more seeds. This would mean for you to obtain cannabis seeds you would have to return to them for seeds.

This is not the case. Breeders and growers are working diligently to produce quality cannabis and to create stable new genetics. The option for regular cannabis seeds are still there it’s just many people prefer the ease of feminized options.

I believe the evolution of cannabis is safe. People are waking up to the attempted eradication of this miraculous plant. With marijuana legalization happening more every year around the globe it is just a matter of time before everyone will have access to cannabis.

Cannabis was never made illegal to keep people safe from a dangerous drug. It was made illegal so that dangerous drugs could be forced into society creating profit. Pharmaceutical companies make billions of dollars a year selling poison to people. They can’t help it if people become addicted to the point of overdosing and dying from their products right?


The United States and Canada are setting a growing trend for marijuana legalization around the world. Canada is scheduled to have legal marijuana by summer of 2017. The United States already has over half of the country adopting legal marijuana laws and four states adopting both legal and retail marijuana laws.

Cannabis can indeed help save the planet in a multitude of different ways. From food, building materials and clothing, to sources of clean energy. Breaking the vicious dependency, we have on non-renewable energy resources that are polluting our planet and running out is vitally needed. Hemp can help with fix our soil, the air around us and provide the planet with a clean green renewable fuel source, while the herb can help to heal the people.

“Herb is the healing of the nations.” Bob Marley

Is some strange form of seed control in our future? I seriously doubt it. Cannabis has survived for thousands of years, and I’m sure it will survive for thousands more to come. The only difference is today people found a way to make money legally on it.

Remember, a single seed can tip the scale!

Stay lifted buds!

Article courtesy of Expert Contributor: JamesP from Marijuana Writers (MarijuanaWriters.com@MarijuanaWriter)