Oils That Will Get You Spoiled

Unless you have been living under a rock chances are you have probably heard about cannabis oil and the many benefits that it offers. A simple Google search will come up with many different articles with anecdotal evidence that cannabis oil can help with everything from aches and pains caused by arthritis to epilepsy and even cancer. What many people do not realize is that not every one of the stories that you read about cannabis oil treating or curing medical conditions is referencing the same type of cannabis oil. In fact, there are several different types of cannabis oil that are made in a wide variety of different manners and provide a broad range of different benefits. Let’s look at some of the most common types of cannabis oils on the market today.

RSO / Rick Simpson Oil / Phoenix Tears


Rick Simpson Oil also known as RSO or Phoenix Tears is a potent cannabis oil made from heavy Indica strains of cannabis. This type of oil was made famous by Rick Simpson, who cured his skin cancer utilizing this natural cannabis oil. Rick Simpson Oil can be high in CBD or THC depending on the strain of marijuana utilized. The oil is extracted using isopropyl alcohol which naturally evaporates from the extracted oil with heat and a little bit of time. Rick Simpson himself recommends utilizing high THC Indica strains of cannabis for the best results when treating medical conditions such as cancer.

Hemp Oil


Hemp oil is made utilizing hemp rather than marijuana and contains very little to no THC. Hemp oil is extracted by pressing hemp seeds and is utilized in many different beauty products as well as fuels, plastics, paints, and lubricants. Hemp oil is also commonly used as a dietary supplement as it contains a high ratio of essential omegas.



CBD oil or cannabidiol oil is one of the most famous cannabis oils on the market today due to its extreme effectiveness at treating things such as epilepsy. CBD oils are not all the same however as some are derived from hemp while others are derived from marijuana plants. When treating medical conditions such as epilepsy, it is recommended that you utilize a CBD oil derived from medical grade marijuana plants. CBD oil can be extracted in many different ways including CO2 extraction or extraction methods utilizing solvents such as butane or isopropyl alcohol.

BHO – Butane Hash Oil / Honey Oil


Butane Hash Oil is another very common cannabis oil extract. As you probably guessed, BHO is made by extracting the oil utilizing butane. This is typically done utilizing an extractor or extraction tube. This powerful and potent oil is easy to make however can be very dangerous so must be concocted with caution. BHO is loved equally by medical marijuana patients as well as retail cannabis consumers due to its potent effects and intense pain relieving properties. This extraction method, however, tends to strip more of the terpenes and cannabinoid content in comparison to other extraction methods so is considered to be less flavorful than other cannabis oils.

Co2 Oil


CO2 oil is made by utilizing CO2 to extract the cannabinoids, terpenes, and oils from the marijuana plant. CO2 is a solventless extraction method and considered to be the healthiest and purest cannabis oil available today. CO2 oils provide high THC content or very minimal ones depending on the strain of cannabis utilized. Many people prefer Co2 not only because it is healthier but because it retains more of the natural terpenes and is naturally more flavorful.

Cherry Oil


Cherry oil is very similar to other cannabis oils on the market today. Cherry oil, however, is made using nondecarboxylated cannabis and is charcoal filtered so as to remove as much chlorophyll from the plant material as possible. Cherry oil is known for producing an intense concentration of THC and can be utilized in any of your favorite methods including vaping. Many individuals report that it receives its name not only from its deep red color but also from the subtle cherry flavor that it produces.

As you can see, there are many different types of cannabis oil on the market today. Each of these oils is quite different but they all have one thing in common, and that is they provide relief too many individuals that have been unsuccessful in finding it within traditional pharmaceuticals or treatment methods.

Article courtesy of Expert Contributor: AshleyP from Marijuana Writers (, @MarijuanaWriter)