Marijuana Prohibition Hurts Those You Love

Marijuana prohibition is doing nothing more than hurting good people. People that are law-abiding citizens. People who work hard and either choose to utilize cannabis as an alternative to prescription drugs or simply as an alternative to unwind compared to alcohol or tobacco. Mom, dad, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, you name it! These are the kind of people that prohibition is hurting. Marijuana prohibition is about nothing more than profit and control.


Pharmaceutical companies along with alcohol and tobacco industries, private prison corporations, and police unions have made a stand against legalizing marijuana for as long as they can. They are starting to slowly lose this battle or should I say this war that they have waged. The war, of course, I am referring to is the War on Drugs. Personally, I believe it was more of an attempted eradication of the cannabis plant.


Anything to do with cannabis was to be destroyed. This was to be done because the one percenters in control knew and they still know that cannabis has a multitude of applications that can apply to a variety of facets of life. Cannabis can offer medication, building material, food, fuel, clothing and more for our world which is starting to run out of options as they are being taken from us day by day.


To find a sustainable crop that could produce so many things that are needed is more than just good news it is a necessity. The only reason cannabis is not legal at this particular time and moment is because the political figures to be are trying to figure out how to delegate the profits and get their fair share. The FDA, DEA, CIA, and CCA Prisons and others have been profiting off of cannabis prohibition for decades, and now the IRS is hitting the industry with taxes as well and trying to get their hands in on the honey pot. This is a plant. It is natural and in my opinion something that should be legally available to every single living person on the planet.


The water, the air the ground, it’s all been sold right in front of our eyes. Who has the rights to natural resources such as this you may ask? I’ll tell you who does. Some fuckers that’s who. Some complete douchebag arsehole has control over selling our natural resources. They should be divided equally amongst the people then there wouldn’t be such a problem.


It is obvious that those who have political power use it to their advantage. Barack Obama and Justin Trudeau have both admitted to getting high and probably smoke marijuana, yet they allow individuals such as Bernard Noble and Natalie DePriest to serve lengthy and unjust prison sentences for possessing a plant. Where is the justice and equality in this? There is none! It is political privilege! This has been going on for a solid hundred years and has swirled out of control over the last few decades. 6

The Green Rush is here! Governments around the world are abandoning the war on drugs and looking into marijuana legalization on many different levels. The United States of America is losing influence when it comes to pursuing marijuana prohibition. The facts are in, and they are showing that the United States government has lied about marijuana since day one. Just look at former President Ronald Reagan. He stated;

“I now have absolute proof that smoking even one marijuana cigarette is equal in brain damage to being on Bikini Island during an H-bomb blast.”

As a cultures unite worldwide, our voice will be heard, and laws will have to change. We shall not go quietly into the night! We shall not sit silently while you control us any longer! Our voices are loud and even louder together, and they will be heard when we speak as one! Cannabis legalization is only the first small step in a major series of changes that must take place in order for life to sustain and evolve successfully into the future.


A green future needs to be focused on. This doesn’t just mean marijuana legalization. This means finding renewable, sustainable resources for food, fuel, textiles, and pretty much every facet of life. We cannot continue to go the way we are going. Our governments know this, and they are trying to use marijuana legalization as yet another way to take our minds off of a bigger picture. Legalize marijuana so that we can focus on some of the more important issues, like the planet running out of water!

Article courtesy of Expert Contributor: JamesP from Marijuana Writers (MarijuanaWriters.com@MarijuanaWriter)