Wordsmithing Herbal Inspiration

This article is to give thanks and attention to a very special woman, my wife, Ashley Priest. She is a cannabis warrior. She has had an amazingly rough ride in her life. She inspires me every day. When it comes to knowledge about cannabis, and passion for the culture and community, Ashley is simply put, blazin and amazin. Ashley is ten years younger than me.

I find her to be an old soul in a young body. She had her daughter when she was 13. While some girls were dating boys, Ashley was learning to raise a little girl. We’ve been married since June 14th, 2013 but have been together since November 2nd, 2004 when our eyes first met. I was a cook at Cracker Barrel, and she was a server. She Stayed in school, raised her daughter, and worked. Her daughter, Brianna, became my stepdaughter. I use that word loosely as this little girl was more like my daughter.

It took a lot for me to get in with her and gain her trust. Her biological dad was and still is a deadbeat. Ash and I got together when she was 18. The last 12, going on 13 years have been breathtaking and heartbreaking. She is my soulmate. We probably make other people sick at times with all our lovey-dovey stuff. We continued to work together for years. We changed from kitchens to construction. On a roof one day we decided that one of was going to break free from this cycle of crappy dead-end work. Besides roofing in Wisconsin sucks. Ashley went to college and received her Associate’s degree in applied science and information technology.

She went back to pursue her bachelors in cybersecurity before bailing to work with me again about halfway. I had always had a passion for writing (so did Ash) and recently had taken on some freelance work. It started picking up, so Ashley and I became an inseparable duo again.  Now there’s a big part of this I didn’t tell you. We lost two children during all of this, our 11-month-old son Xander to Menkes Disease and our 13-year-old daughter Brianna to a random heart attack.

Cannabis Is A Big Part Of Us

Ashley is a Green Leaf Warrior. I find her to be a talented cannabis writer. She applies passion to everything she does. When it comes to cannabis advocacy, once again we’re two peas in a pod. Ashley writes for the Emerald Magazine, Expert Joints, and has guest blogs on sites like Monroe Blvd and others. She knows just how effective of a medicine cannabis is and just how powerful words can be.

Ashley covers the stories in the community and culture that are real. She brings attention to patients, causes, and helps to keep me in check all the while dealing with a flood of emotions from the loss of 2 children that will never leave either of us. Cannabis consumption doesn’t make these feeling go away. It sure helps to control them and helps us both to express them though.

It takes only one person to start something. I’m glad that Ashley started putting her rage to page. The community and culture we love are budding into an industry. The people of pot are changing a lot. Cannabis consumers, not users. It’s not pot or weed its medical marijuana. Do it my way. No, do it my way. No this is the way it is should be done. Everyone thinks their way is the best way and even at times the only way.  This is where I admire people like Ashley for doing it the way they do.

She just keeps at it. Teaching others through wordsmithing content centered on something she loves. Cannabis is on the verge of becoming legal, not only decriminalized. More people than ever before are giving it a try. We need those in our culture such as Ashley to help guide people into this new experience. Cannabis canna be confusing, but it doesn’t have to be. Thank you, Ashley Priest, for all that you contribute to furthering the education about cannabis.  You and all those like you are true and much needed green leaf warriors. With cannabis legalization at a precipice we need all the help informing the public to the truth and facts about cannabis that we can get. If you share the love for cannabis that Ashley does, share it with the world. You never know who you’ll help in the process.

Article courtesy of Expert Contributor: JamesP from CannaLance (, @CannaLance, @CannaLancer710)