The Fuzz Want To Kill Your Buzz

The Po-Po Have Gone Loco

Police in North America from The United States to Canada are out of hand when it comes to how they deal with marijuana consumers. From senseless raids against peaceful civilians to becoming the Terminator because of a weed pipe, police are taking it to extremes over marijuana! They will practically shoot you to protect you from a plant? WTF is that all about! It seems to me some officers have a different agenda when it comes to people who use marijuana. It seems that these officers are on a power trip and are in fact nothing more than bullies with a badge and gun!


The Press Likes To Make An Impression

What’s really sad is that the media is getting a hold of every cop that does something stupid which seems to be every other day as well as a lot of them and run those stories. Unfortunately, this gives officers everywhere a bad reputation amongst the community. There are countless men and women who put their lives on the line everyday who do not support prohibition and will not ruin someone’s life because of it. To the good ones out there Thank You.


Somebody Tell The People in Blue They Don’t Have A Clue

The police are sadly and utterly misinformed about marijuana. They parade around at raids and busts like they are helping to keep a dangerous substance off of the streets. When in fact they are aiding the real drug dealers, Big Pharma. Groups like Perdue Pharma the makers of what some say is the deadliest drug on the planet OxyContin rake in billions while they poison and kill millions.


Dinosaur Thinking Will Turn You Into A Fossil

Police that support marijuana prohibition need to be removed from duty or go to work as security forces for Pharma. The real problem isn’t marijuana it is the ignorant police that endanger the lives of those they should be protecting. Cannabis is helping all kinds of people from every walk of life. The negative stigmas and stereotypes that have stuck with marijuana over the decades are finally being debunked. Continue to think like a fossil and you will become one before you know it.


Exposing The Lies About The Stereotypes of Stoners

Stigmas are being proved to be untrue, like marijuana smokers are lazy and stupid. Smoking marijuana will lower your sperm count. Smoking herb will make you fat because you will always have the munchies. Nobody who smokes ganja will ever be successful. These are stigmas that are being proven to be the lie we as a culture have always known them to be.


Stereotypes like all stoners are lazy dread heads that listen to music, play video games and lay around on the couch in their underwear and sweatpants all day are being exposed for the lies they are. We wear jeans and suits too! The stereotype that slipped through the cracks as dangerous wears lab coats and scrubs and have enforcers in blue!


Those People in Blue Seem To Protect You Know Who

Police have been raiding and torturing people all across North America because of a plant! A HARMELESS PLANT at that! The only harm marijuana will do is to take profits away from greedy power crazed drug dealers and public figures, I mean Pharma Companies and Politicians! The Time for change is here. Together as a culture we can grow awareness and the community while growing a greener tomorrow.

Article courtesy of Expert Contributor: JamesP from Marijuana Writers (