My Favs When It Comes to Smokin, Tokin, Munchin, Dibbin, and Dabbin, What’s Yours

When it comes to the way we get lit for many of us, we have our favorite means of accomplishing this task. I’m a long-term heavy consumer, so I don’t feel the effects of cannabis like others. It takes a bit more for me. I still get high; it’s just different for me. The ceiling to my high is how I judge my buzz. A good buzz last ten mins or so for me. Fire ass weed puts me in a state of normalness. I was born into a canna family so sweet cheeba has always been there for me. I’ve never needed anything else. Pills, alcohol, and hard drugs never got me. I will be the first to say I loved shrooms and even some LSD back in the day but just on occasion. Weed has been a daily thing for as long as I can remember.

The only reason I ever went without pot was that it was dry (meaning there was no pot to be found anywhere) or it was because of the cops. I’ve been busted for the stuff I love so, and they made me stop. Well, at least so they thought. Cannabis for me is bliss. I love to smoke it, eat it, rub it on me, and like Morgan Freeman said: “I’d snort if I could.” Now that last one is possible as I see they’ve come out with a cannabis nasal spray! I’ve got trichomes in my eye before so there’s no way in hell I’d snort any kind of weed dust, but a nasal spray, that is interesting. I mean I thought a cannabis inhaler was stupid until I tried the Santana Smooth cannabis inhaler by Carlos Santana sold at Marisol Therapeutics in Pueblo Colorado.

Smokin and Tokin

When it comes to blazin on something amazin, I am not too picky. I love the Flo by DJ Short. It is an all-time favorite. My great white buffalo, the one that got away, the one I can’t find anywhere was called Roadkill Skunk. I love to smoke joints. Bowls are fresh too, but I am still a fan of a well put together doobie. I’m not big on flavored papers or things like that. My personal favorite rolling paper company, I’d have to say, is Zig Zag.  I don’t go by the indica, sativa rule of thumb. I feel it’s more about the quality of the grow. I’ve had Flo that was like outdo tasting like ass and grass instead of the lovely floral hints of honeysuckle. Chemdawg is another favorite of mine. This sativa doesn’t make me want to run laps, work out, or do chores. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. I start thinking I’m Bruno Mars and want to lay around and do nothing at all.


Munchin on cannabis-infused treats never was really my thing. I smoke so much that I never really felt anything from them. I’d eat more than any of my buds, and they’d all be high, and I’d be like WTF. For this reason, I just passed on the brownies when they came around. As I became older, I tried edibles again. I noticed that after a few hours I started to get sleepy. I’m still not a fan of edibles for the most part unless they’re homemade. I require a large dosage of 1000 mg or better to feel anything from edibles. I do have a favorite edible in Colorado though. They’re called Highly Edible Fruit Pucks. Here some info from their website that may shed some light on why I enjoy these Pucks so much, beyond their fantastic taste.

“When you think of what makes a great cannabis-infused edible, taste and effectiveness are the two most important factors. High Edible’s line of gummies will surprise you on those two fronts and more! Highly Edible uses real fruit juices and organic ingredients in all of their gummies. Each bite is full of natural, wholesome fruit flavor. And with their new Nano eXtraction Technology (NXT), these gummies pack a powerful punch. The NXT system lets you feel it faster by allowing tiny THC molecules to absorb sublingually. You feel it faster and longer as your stomach metabolizes the THC buried within the gummy. Currently available in 5 different flavors, 10 x 25mg gummies per bottle.”

Dibbin and Dabbin

You might be thinking what the hell is dibbin? Chances are you know what dabbin is but let me tell you about dibbin. You see all these videos of young folks and even some old folks doing these mega dab rips. Smoking down one gram or better ropes of dabs. Not me. Every once in a while when I want to lose a lung and the ability to breath normally for about 15 mins (times of high stress), I do a big dab rip. Most of the time though I micro dab or dib. Just a dab will do when you’ve been blazin bud for decades. At least for me, that is. So if somebody offers you dabs and you’ve never tried it before you may just ask for a dib to get you started. After all, it is supposed to be a pleasurable experience.

Article courtesy of Expert Contributor: JamesP from CannaLance (, @CannaLance, @CannaLancer710)