Cannabis and Coffee – A Good Morning Wake-N-Bake

Coffee and cannabis are two things that accompany each other very well for many people in many different fields and careers. On a daily basis, I am discovering that many of my passions are natural like coffee and cannabis. These are two things that I enjoy every day, throughout the day, all day. What would mornings be like without coffee and cannabis?


I started to realize that my wake and bake was not complete without my morning coffee. Now instead of rolling over out of bed and firing one up right away, I have a ritual that involves my first cup of coffee to accompany a joint every morning. The two are a pair from paradise that will set the day off to a peaceful pace.


Some people prefer to vape their cannabis for health reasons. Some people prefer to smoke bowls. Personally, I love a good old-fashioned joint. One rolled in some good hemp paper. (Bob Marley Pure Hemp Papers are divine and one of my favorites.)

After seeing some of the news and talk about caffeine and cannabis it raised the question in my mind of what exactly do the two have in common as well as what are the pros and cons when used together. Does one help the other or hurt the other?


So I set out on a journey to find out what the exact connection was that coffee and cannabis have with each other or possibly didn’t have, according to research and science. What I found out did surprise me. It’s estimated that 1.5 billion cups of java are consumed by people around the world every day. That’s a whole lot of getting your grind on! Boyer’s Coffee is one of my favorite coffees that helps reach that 1.5 million number each day.

At this rate of consumption, the global amount of coffee consumed by people is estimated to be 264 million pounds plus per year. It sounds about like the amount of cannabis smoked in Colorado during the first year of recreational marijuana legalization!

Cannabis and caffeine go hand-in-hand with many people. If you’re anything like me, I’m approaching 40 years old and really enjoy my morning wake and bake. I look forward to my cup of java to help get me going every morning along with my morning joint.


Coffee of all types from dollar store brand coffees to special order coffee from around the world tantalize my palate. I like to pair my cannabis and coffee together and am working on a list of strains of Mary Jane that pair with coffees from everywhere.

There is medical research that proves the myth that caffeine will destroy a marijuana buzz to be false. In fact, caffeine will help to eccentricate a cannabis high and make it a unique experience that is truly enjoyable for each individual who chooses to enjoy their morning wake and bake with a cup of joe.

Cannabis and caffeine play very similar roles chemically in the brain. Studies show that in fact caffeine doesn’t help to increase the buzz but rather instead it prolongs it. This means you need less THC to keep your buzz. In my eyes that means what I have thought for years now. Coffee and cannabis go hand in hand.


Start your day off to a buzzing success with no mistake. Try your favorite coffee with some herb or favorite herb with some coffee, whatever’s clever. Take your morning coffee ritual to whole new highs with cannabis and coffee.

Article courtesy of Expert Contributor: JamesP from Marijuana Writers (