Throughout time since the beginning of cannabis prohibition there have been countless individuals that have came out of the cannabis closet and helped to fight for our rights to consume, possess, and cultivate cannabis without legal ramifications. There are legendary activists like the ones you can read about here and ones whose legacies are still being built today. Let’s take a look at three cannabis activists that are out there today educating people about cannabis and standing up against the injustice known as cannabis prohibition.

Jill Swing

Jill Swing is the founder of South Carolina Compassionate Care Alliance and a major advocate for the legalization of medical cannabis in the state of South Carolina. Jill is also the mother of a young lady by the name of Mary Louise who suffers from a debilitating form of epilepsy.

Jill Swing has been at the front of medical cannabis legalization movement in South Carolina for many years. She helped to advocate for and eventually pass the current CBD law that allows limited access for patients to CBD products in the state.

After seeing just how successful cannabis was when offered in a full spectrum product while Mary Louise was receiving treatment in Maine, Jill’s fire was ignited brighter and ever since she has devoted her every moment to try to bring a comprehensive medical cannabis program to the state.

Adela Falk

Adela Falk is a significant individual in the fight for freedom surrounding cannabis. Adela works with many prisoners who are incarcerated for cannabis related crimes. She is the founder of POW420 and advocates around the fact that no one belongs in jail for a plant. I couldn’t agree with Adela more on this argument. Adela can be found each year at many different cannabis events advocating for the freedom of the leaf as well as at court hearings helping to fight for those facing cannabis charges.

Her main focus, however, is on helping the many men and women, mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters who are incarcerated and serving horrendous sentences over a plant. From helping put money on their books to sending them cards on their birthday and during the holidays Adela does whatever she can to help make these prisoners lives better in any way possible.

Seth Green

Seth Green is the founder of Green Pastures TN. Seth is a medical cannabis patient and activist that knows firsthand the benefits that cannabis has to offer. Seth is also a very dear friend. Seth utilizes cannabis to treat Cerebral Palsy as well as the plethora of ailments that come along with it. Seth also suffers from seizures. Seth is a strong advocate for legalizing cannabis for both medical and recreational purposes in the state of TN where he was born and raised.

Seth has held many rallies over his few years of activism and hopes to hold many more in the days to come. Seth has found great relief from daily consumption of RSO oil, and for the most part, cannabis is able to keep the seizures at bay and helps to successfully ease the pain that Cerebral Palsy causes as well as other symptoms.

Seth also utilizes cannabis for anxiety and PTSD. To learn more about Seth, check out his website here, and be sure to follow him on Facebook as well.

These are just three of the amazing cannabis activists that are out there fighting for our right to consume cannabis for recreational and medical purposes. Do you know a cannabis activist that deserves recognition, or have you had the chance to meet one of these amazing individuals? If so let us know!

Article courtesy of Expert Contributor: AshleyP from CannaLance (, @CannaLance, @MJWriter87)