Helping Veterans Gain Legal and Free Access to Medical Marijuana

Some of the most heart-grabbing cannabis success stories we hear typically tend to be about children. No matter who you are it brings a smile to your face when you hear that a child who was practically given a death sentence by doctors and pharmaceutical companies is alive and doing better than ever thanks to cannabis.


There is another group of individuals though who are also often handed a death sentence but unfortunately are often overlooked. I am referring to the men and women who took an oath to protect their country and those who reside within it. More Veterans today suffer from PTSD than ever before. There is substantial evidence that cannabis can provide significant relief to the many men and women who suffer from this life-altering condition. Many of our Veterans are forced to turn to pharmaceutical medications in hopes of finding relief because they don’t have the right to legally choose a natural growing plant. Despite a cocktail of 20 or more pills a day many of them find little to no relief and are left in worse condition due to the side effects of the medications they are prescribed.


It is a sad fact that an estimated 22 Veterans take their life every day due to this horrible uncontrollable condition that they now suffer from due to their time in service. Something even more devastating than this reality is the fact that the study that provided us with this estimate did not include statistics from every state in the United States. It is thought by many that if all states had reported information as requested, the number would fearfully be double what it is. This number still only includes vet Veterans who have taken their own lives. It does not include the substantial number of Veterans that pass away every day because of the very medication that they are being prescribed.


There are many individuals including vet Veterans themselves that are taking a stand to fight back against the draconian laws that are preventing access to a safe, natural medicine so that Veterans and others can legally find the relief they deserve from cannabis. If you want to help take a stand and fight for those who have fought for you, I would highly recommend checking out two magnificent organizations that could really use your help, the Weed for Warriors Project and Grow for Vets.


Grow for Vets

Grow for Vets is on a mission to help provide cannabis to every Veteran that can benefit from it, for free. They are dedicated to educating and raising awareness so that one day every Veteran that can benefit from cannabis can legally access it and grow it without fear of repercussions. Grow for Vets was founded in 2014 and have chapters in California, Colorado, Arizona, Michigan, Nevada and Oregon. Since being founded Grow for Vets has helped to supply over $750,000 worth of cannabis to 30,000+ Veterans across the United States. Learn more about Grow for Vets and how you can help here.


Weed for Warriors Project

The Weed for Warriors Project was founded in 2014 by an OEF United States Marine Corps Veteran in the San Francisco Bay Area. Knowing firsthand how cannabis helped him, he set out on a mission to help other Veterans find relief as well. WFWP is working to help get cannabis recognized as a natural medical alternative to pharmaceuticals they are prescribed today while providing Veterans with education and safe access to medical marijuana. They work directly with the VA to give Veterans a voice that may otherwise go unheard. The Weed for Warriors Project has chapters throughout California, Colorado and Arizona. Learn more about WFWP and how you can help here.

Article courtesy of Expert Contributor: AshleyP from Marijuana Writers (, @MarijuanaWriter)