Marijuana Legalization Is Helping To Phase Out The Schwag Weed

I’ve been smoking for over 30 years. In my time smoking, I’ve blazed an abundance of greenery and even some brownery back in the day. I’ve spent many days in search of a sack of herb. Kick it back a few nickels and, you did not have the convenience of multiple places to get your herb from.


In most cases you had three or four different sources. The herb that came to one area was pretty much the same. There was always that one guy though that had the killer connection and got the killer herb. Fortunate for me I grew up around an older group and always had that one killer connection.


Taking the schwag out of your bag is something many don’t realize marijuana legalization is helping to do. As an example there are more cannabis dispensaries in places than there are Starbucks. This means options. Options like never before.  This means if you don’t put out a top of the line product, you won’t remain in business.

You need to take pride in your grow and make your crop a craft crop, not a cash crop. If you grow bud that is fire, you’ll get repeat business all the time. Those who show up to cash in on the green rush following a calendar to grow, to make their cash, are as transparent in this culture as the herb they produce.


CamoSchwag In Stealth Sitting On A Shelf

Marijuana legalization is bringing a change when it comes to our ganja. That change is a good one. By having more options for places to purchase your bud those who grow it do not get away with growing and selling swag product anymore. It has been a long time since I have seen round-town brown or a bag of ditch weed trying to be sold.

This doesn’t mean that schwag doesn’t still exist. There are dispensaries selling what they call premium grade marijuana that really is schwag in disguise. Behind all the pretty trichomes and pungent odors lies a nugg filled with steroid packed fertilizers.


Legal grows and legal access to cannabis drives a competitive market. If your product is crap people will go elsewhere. People also pay attention to how their product is produced. Those who utilize wasteful water techniques and dangerous fertilizers will not have successful businesses. Water conservation and organic breeding and growing techniques are being used by many of the old hippies when it comes to growing marijuana today.

Many of the young hippies are doing this as well. It is more than a trend, it’s a necessary change that everyone must adapt to, not just pot farmers and ganja growers at home. Water conservation and organic grows are the way to go. There’s always that one person though looking to cash in quick.


Indeed We Don’t Need Piss-Poor Weed

Mendocino County California sees this problem more than most. Small illegal cannabis grow operations set up in the spring and leave in the fall. During this time, these individuals for the most part carelessly ravage the environment by stealing water and dumping chemicals into the ground. This is an example of growing bad weed or schwag weed and is bad juju. Most of this kind of product is piss-poorly produced and it shows from its buzz to the way it burns but is still sold at high prices in prohibition states.

With marijuana legalization happening across the United States and Canada as well as around the world schwag weed is thankfully being phased out. The cannabis industry is a resourceful industry that has many different ways it can help the agricultural community.  They say on average a marijuana plant consumes 5 gallons of water while a head of lettuce consumes 3.5 gallons of water.


Ask yourself does a head of lettuce save lives? Can a head of lettuce be used medicinally by millions? Perhaps we need to prioritize what we’re growing and how much of what we’re growing. Cannabis legalization will not only help to phase out schwag weed it will also help bring new agricultural techniques to the table that may be applied across the spectrum.


How Do I Tell If My Weed Is Schwag

If you have to ask yourself this question you are new to cannabis. That’s ok, here is a great way to tell if you have schwag in your bag. Have you ever gotten your hands on some weed from the dispensary that you paid $20 a gram for, and it would not burn in a joint? Then chances are you have got ahold to some chemically filled cannabis that was not flushed properly aka ‘Schwag Weed.’

This stuff doesn’t have the appearance of round town brown anymore. It can look and smell like beautiful Mary Jane. The problem is the camouflage that schwag weed wears today still effects those who don’t have the option of going elsewhere.


Marijuana legalization will do more than provide safe access to medicine for millions. Legalizing the herb will phase out all of the schwag weed and dangerous growers too. When you find somebody selling schwag in the bag like a wolf in sheep’s clothing then let the community know. Post in a forum, write a review, reach out and tell a friend. Together we can all phase the schwag, out of our bag! A greener cleaner burner herb is in our future.

Article courtesy of Expert Contributor: JamesP from Marijuana Writers (MarijuanaWriters.com@MarijuanaWriter)