High Hopes For Bringing In The New Year High On Cloud Nine

Just how high do you plan on getting this New Year’s Eve? Are you going to be Justin Bieber High in a private jet kind of high? Maybe you’ll be blazin’ on something amazing with family friends and loved ones bringing in the New Year or at a party spreading lots of herbal cheer.

Perhaps you’re going to chill in a quiet spot with your thoughts and a bag of pot. Regardless of how you’re choosing to bring in the New Year 1 things clear at least for many of us, and that is the one thing we need to bring in the new year right is a big old bag of weed!

So Many Ways To Choose From, Maybe Try Them All

When it comes to how you like to get lit what’s your favorite way to consume? Do you enjoy pinner joints? Or, are Big fatties more up your alley? Perhaps you prefer smoking out of a pipe such as A one-hitter old school metal Bowl, glass pipe, hookah or bong. If so which ones you’re favorite and why?

Maybe you’re not about smoking flowers and prefer a more critical approach like CO2 critical extraction techniques used to make cannabis vape pens. If you loved a vape, do you have a pin that your fave? Blazing flowers and vaping aren’t the only ways to get baked these days, you can also get baked like a batch of brownies.

Actually, you can get baked eating a batch of brownies just like back in the day along with dozens of other cannabis-infused edibles. Cannabis infused Edibles offer consumers an easy way to gauge their dosage to reach the desired effects thereafter.

There’s also transdermal and topical applications of cannabis that apparently get people high too. Personally, I don’t care how much THC is in something I’ve yet to find a single lotion cream soap or other topical on the market even transdermal patches that get me high. I truly believe this aspect of cannabis consumption is more for the medicinal patient.

Sharing Is Caring

We all know that the Cannabis Community & Culture is about caring. We also know that sharing is caring. So, in the continued effort of helping other bugs around the globe, it would be cool as fuck if you’d share how you plan to bring in the New Year.

You could help a bud somewhere else come up with a way to kick off the new year. I plan to be high AF bringing in the New Year a mile-high while being high in the mile-high city of Denver Colorado!

When it comes to Blazing on something amazing you can bet your buns I’ll be stopping by a couple Denver dispensaries like Terrapin Care Station, House of Dankness, and Diego Pellicer. CannaLance and Expert Joints would love to know, how do you plan on bringing in the New Year, and just how high, do you plan on being?

Article courtesy of Expert Contributor: JamesP from CannaLance (Canna-Lance.com, @CannaLance, @CannaLancer710)