Let’s Talk About Pot – With Our Kids

The Truth Starts at Home


Being a parent and a cannabis consumer can be tricky. Obviously, if you are consuming cannabis, you are either utilizing it for its medicinal benefits or recreational properties. This means that you obviously either support being able to choose a safe, natural alternative to pharmaceutical medications or you simply believe in the human right to access and consume a plant. This will be the fuel to your fire when it comes to the conversation you will eventually need to have with your children in regards to cannabis.


When you have this conversation with your kid will ultimately depend on your specific situation and the time will vary for everyone. For some individuals, they bring their children up exposing them to their cannabis consumption be it directly or indirectly and may never have to have this conversation. Others, however, will only partake in a toke behind closed doors and never allow their children to know that they utilize cannabis. For these individuals as their children get older, they will have to start thinking about how to address the question when it comes up.

For most people this talk will probably come about the same time that you have to have the chat about the birds and the bees as the teenage years are typically when children start to find out about things such as cannabis, alcohol, illicit drugs and sex on their own. You know your child best and will know when they are ready to partake in this dialogue with you.


Whenever you have this conversation, it is an important one that should be held with an open mind and using factual information.  It is also a conversation that should happen with you before it happens with someone else. Unfortunately, over the past eight decades, there has been a lot of lies and propaganda spread and preached about this plant. Despite the fact that 24 states recognize marijuana as medicine, there are still many prohibitionists spreading reefer madness propaganda. Taking the lead and initiating this conversation with your child/children before they have a chance to have it with someone else ensures that they will learn the truth.


Here are a few key facts about marijuana that you may want to discuss.

  • Marijuana is a medicine.
  • It can save thousands if not millions of lives.
  • It is saving lives. (Charlotte Figi, Coltyn Turner)
  • Marijuana also causes a psychoactive effect and can be utilized to get high.
  • Marijuana has been illegal for less than a century despite its existence for thousands of years.
  • Until marijuana was made illegal it was in almost every “medicine cabinet” just as Tylenol or Aspirin is today.
  • The prohibition of cannabis is proven to be based on racism and greed.
  • Marijuana is safer than alcohol.
  • No one has ever died from marijuana.
  • There are 24 states that have legalized marijuana for medicinal purposes.
  • 4 states have legalized marijuana for adults over the age of 21 to utilize recreationally.


Probably the most important thing they should know though is that unless it is for medical purposes, it should not be consumed by children, teenagers or young adults as their bodies are still developing. Just as alcohol should not be consumed by those of younger ages, neither should cannabis.

Kids are much smarter than most give them credit for being. When they know the facts and the truth, they will be much better armed for making responsible and intelligent decisions.  Having an open-minded and intelligent, factual conversation with your kids about cannabis will allow us as a human race to be one-step closer on the path towards a cleaner, greener, healthier, and all around better future.

Article courtesy of Expert Contributor: AshleyP from Marijuana Writers (MarijuanaWriters.com@MarijuanaWriter)