A Nice Legend, A Mr. Nice Legend

Remembering Howard Marks

A cannabis Legend recently passed away. This iconic individual was known by approximately 43 different Alias names but almost everyone knew him by the name Mr. Nice. Dennis Howard Marks aka Mr. Nice was born in Kenfig Hill, Wales back in August of 1945. Mr. Nice took his journey to the next place on April 10th of 2016 due to colon cancer. Howard marks led and eccentric lifestyle that was as unique as the man himself. He was known for many different things mostly for his debonair, charm, and ability to adapt to any situation.


Worldwide Connections

Mr. Nice was said to have had ties with the CIA, the IRA, the FBI, the Cartel, the Mob, the DEA, and just about every other organization you can imagine. In 1984 Howard Marks was allegedly approached to sell an estimated $300,000 of marijuana to a CIA agent. Allegedly the CIA agent was working “Operation Cyclone”. This was an effort to arm and fund the Mujahedeen in an effort to fight the Soviets. Just a year earlier Howard marks reportedly sold 250 kilos of marijuana. This ultimately lead to the arrest of Howard Marks along with his wife Judy marks in 1988 by DEA Agent Craig Lovato.


Doing Time For What Shouldn’t Be A crime

Howard Marks ended up serving seven years in prison for drug trafficking and racketeering charges. When Howard Marks was released from prison in 1995, he ended up meeting Shantibaba and Neville Schoenmakers at the High Time Cannabis Cup. From there, Howard Marks became the face of cannabis for many. Howard Marks was the author of several books. He also owned his own cannabis seed bank called Mr. Nice seed bank and research. It is truly a great loss for anyone who knew Mr. Nice.


You Will Be Missed

Some may view Howard Marks as a drug smuggler. Others will view him as a purveyor of medicine. Cannabis has always been a medicine. This is not something that is new. It’s individuals such as Howard Marks that helped to bring this medicine to the people. Even if that meant doing it against the will of a corrupt and greedy government. To Mr. Howard Marks, I salute you and thank you for your contribution to preserving the cannabis culture for the future good sir.

 ‘A single seed can tip the scale, be the seed!’

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