420, Just Where Did It Come From Man

Educate While You Medicate and Puff, Puff Pass the Knowledge About How 420 Started to the Person Next to You!

The popular Stoner holiday 420 is right around the corner! Those of us throughout the cannabis community everywhere are always excited when this day comes around just because. How many people actually know where the term 420 entered into the culture of the cannabis community? There are several different answers depending on who you talk to. From a certain point of view, all of them are right.


I myself will be honest with you. I thought it had to do with when the group NORML was founded. I learn something that I will be able to share with people everywhere this 420. I’m going to share it with you now so that when 420 gets here you can be the stoner Gandolf for the crowd and impress everyone with your massive brain as well as your incredible ganja.


San Rafael California sets the scene for the beginning of the history involving 420. There was a group that got together and hung out outside of a school back in 1971. This group called themselves The Waldos. The Louis Pasteur statue located at the San Rafael High School was their meeting spot every day at 4:20. They referred to this meeting time with the phrase “420 Louis”. They gathered here on a daily basis in search of a mysteriously abandoned cannabis crop which was rumored to be around. It was kind of like the DB Cooper story for stoners.


A legendary cannabis crop with enough weed so that you could smoke your entire lifetime and never run out! I guess the story was something like that. After many had failed attempts to find this abandon cannabis dreamland, the group ended up ditching the Lewis off of their name that referred to the statue they met in front of and shortened the phrase to 4:20.


420 became a term that was used in code meaning it was time to get high. Smoke em if you got them. If it was 4:19 you needed to have a minute. Because 4:20 was coming, and you didn’t want to be caught not blazing if you had something amazing. Even if you have swag in your bag at 4:20 it’s common for stoners everywhere to light up. Now you know a little bit of stoner history on where the term 420 may have officially came from.


On 420 this year, where will you be? Marijuana Writers finally made the move and is living in Colorado. There are many different events available to attend here, as we are quite fortunate. We are considering going to possibly a 4:19 and a 4:20 event. On 4/19, Cypress Hill will be in Colorado! What better way to spend 4/19 than getting primed up for 4/20 with the sounds of Cypress Hill while ripping on some Phuncky Feel Tips! Matter of fact with a group this legendary and epic you might want to mark off all of 4/19!


Come 420 after the blazin’ and amazin’ Cypress Hill Concert, why not check out the first-ever Colorado Cup! Sure there may be bigger events happening elsewhere, but it’s not always about going where the most famous event is going on. The cannabis culture is about sharing and connecting with one another. Sometimes the smaller events and the newer ones that you can grow with are more legendary of experiences than major big ones. Whatever you do stay safe this 420 and remember the knowledge about the Waldos and how 420 came to be.

**Editor’s Note – And don’t forget one of the largest 4/20 events will be in Vancouver BC, aka Vansterdam; celebrating for the the 21st time! Visit 420Vancouver.com for more. See you at Sunset Beach!**

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