Russ Belville- A True Greenleaf Warrior

If you are one who stays up to date on everything surrounding cannabis and the cannabis culture, chances are you have probably heard of Russ Belville. Russ is an American cannabis activist who writes for many different cannabis information platforms. Russ also has his own radio show called the Russ Belville Show. You can view this broadcast on weekdays at 3 p.m. Pacific Standard time on the Cannabis Radio Network as well as


Aside from writing about the industry and culture, Russ Belville also regularly tweets about relevant news information and events that are taking place within the cannabis industry and culture. Russ writes for platforms including High Times Magazine, Marijuana Politics and others. Chances are if you are one who regularly reads cannabis related articles on the internet you have most likely read a content piece written by Russ.


Russ is by far one of the most dedicated cannabis activists in the United States. Russ is very passionate about the human right to a natural plant and fights for both medical and recreational legalization across the board. Russ was named the 2015 Online Activist of the Year by Weed Blog due to his dedication and continuous fight to bring attention to the wrong doing that prohibition causes and the need for total legalization. Russ knows all too well what it is like to live in a state with draconian marijuana laws as he is an Idaho native. Russ now lives in Portland Oregon where both medicinal and recreational cannabis is legal. Despite this, he does not forget about the millions of other individuals across the country that do not have legal access to cannabis.


Russ is very open about his opinion on legalization laws and will be the first one to let you know if he thinks that the legislation being presented is at all not up to par or if there is reason to believe that it has underlying negative intentions. Russ is also not afraid one bit to take on prohibitions and some of the biggest players in the cannabis movement by debating on crucial topics using cold hard facts.


If you like to stay informed on everything surrounding cannabis as well as other controversial and important topics in the world, I would highly suggest familiarizing yourself with Russ Belville and following him on social media. By following Russ on social media, you will not only receive up to date information you will also receive a ton of entertainment backed by nothing but the truth.


Aside from the Weed Blog Online Activist of the Year award, Russ has also been commended for his advocacy efforts in many other ways. Russ is a true green leaf warrior that is in the forefront of the cannabis movement in the US and around the world.

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