Jack Herer- The Man, the Strain and the History

If you’re reading this chances are you like to smoke weed! If not, you should try it! For all of us so that love consuming cannabis there is only a small portion of us that know the history of the men and women who pioneered the fight for legalization, and only a few of us know the history of the ganja that we smoke. I would like to share with you one of my favorite strains of marijuana and educate you on the man behind the name.


Jack Herer is an incredible Sativa dominant hybrid strain of marijuana that blows my mind every time! This strain tastes amazing, hits hard and fast while providing everything you could love about a Sativa. This strain brings on an extreme head high that will have you motivated and feeling mentally strong so that you can face whatever the day ahead may bring. This uplifted and focused effect is accompanied by an intense relaxed and “whatever” feeling that will have you feeling carefree for hours to come as well!


This strain of cannabis though is nowhere near as amazing as the man who gave it its name. This strain of cannabis is named after what many consider to be the grandfather of the cannabis legalization movement in the US. Jack Herer was a cannabis activist and author who did incredible things for the marijuana movement in the US. Jack was the author of a book called The Emperor Wears No Clothes which is a must-read book for any cannabis activist or advocate.


Jack was the founder of Help End Marijuana Prohibition (HEMP) and was a director of the organization for several years. Jack’s book The Emperor Wears No Clothes has been cited in many works supporting the end of marijuana prohibition and the legalization of hemp and cannabis around the world since being originally printed in 1985. Jack Herer was all for human rights and believed that anyone who wanted to consume cannabis for medicinal or recreational purposes should be able to legally but this is not what really fueled his fire to end the prohibition of Cannabis Sativa.


Jack’s main passion was hemp as he knew that it could save the planet and essentially save the world. Jack spent the majority of his life until the day of his death educating the planet on the many uses of cannabis Sativa and continues to do so today through this literature works of art.  Jack was a regular speaker at events across the U.S. and has been featured in countless documentaries and articles. He was also accredited with being one of the individuals that brought the “Hemp for Victory” video and campaign to the public after the US government consistently lied and tried to cover up this campaign created by them to help win World War 2.


Jack was a true green leaf warrior, and someone everyone in the cannabis culture should know. To learn more about this legend, check out his website here which has been maintained by his wife Jeanine since his passing in 2010 due to complications from a heart attack he suffered in the fall of 2009. Jack Herer, the man, and the strain are inspirations every day for me to keep educating the masses until we see the end of cannabis prohibition once and for all!


This joints for you Jack!

In Loving Memory of Jack Herer

Article courtesy of Expert Contributor: AshleyP from Marijuana Writers (MarijuanaWriters.com@MarijuanaWriter)