Canna Bliss: Cultivating Global Growth With Budding Success

Cannabis is growing. No, really, everywhere you look there seems to be cannabis. According to Forbes, the legal cannabis industry alone could grow by as much as 700%approaching 2020. That’s just over two short years away! Can you imagine what the global economy stands to see from legalized cannabis?

Mary Jane is more than just a local market, it’s a global market. The global cannabis industry is shaping up to be an impressive one. Countries such as Spain and Canada already participate in the global cannabis export market leaving the United States falling behind. The U.S. is also losing out on advanced health benefits and revenue. Israel will soon be another player in this global industry and most likely a dominant one, when it comes to global medical cannabis exports.

Building Success In The Cannabis Industry

If you have an idea for a business now is the time to act on it. With cannabis legalization at a precipice in the United States and Canada, this multi-billion-dollar market proves to provide an attracting allure for investors and entrepreneurs from everywhere. If you have an idea, chances are somebody else has that same or a similar idea. Act on it now. You need to secure social media names, email addresses, and website domains while all the names haven’t been used in some way, shape, or form.

Success doesn’t happen overnight for most people but then again most of us already know this. Even in the Cannabis industry, success is something that must be achieved through hard work, commitment, and dedication. Many cannabis entrepreneur’s aka ganjapreneurs, give up 40-hour work weeks punching a clock in return for 80-hour weeks or even longer running their own business.

Ganjapreneurs Are Laying The Bricks of The Future

If you are a ganjapreneur then you know what I’m talking about. After the normal work day comes social media, emails, and then there’s the ideas to research and develop. Oh Yeah, perhaps dinner and a few minutes to relax, maybe a movie and a shower or bath. It’s time to start it all over again. These are the brick layers of the future. The ones helping to usher in a new era. One where cannabis is no longer kept from the people and the people are no longer persecuted for their love of cannabis.

A cannabis business doesn’t mean that you must grow pot or have a dispensary that sells it. There are countless different ancillary services that cater to the demands of this growing industry. Everything from engineering and IT work to risk management assessments, audits, quality control and other aspects of the business that are oftentimes overlooked by the public when they think about the cannabis industry. Here are just a few overlooked ancillary services. There’s countless other services that also can cater to the growing cannabis community, culture, and what’s turning into an industry.

Overlooked Ancillary Services
  • Labeling
  • Seed to Sale Software
  • Project Managers
  • Networking Specialist
  • Marketing
  • Social Media Managers
  • Bed and breakfasts
  • Restaurants
  • Transportation

CannaLance and Expert Joints make a strong team. Together we can help bring recognition to your business or brand. We have a variety of services to offer between us. From YouTube to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and magazine ad placement we have the connections that can help you get noticed. Expert Joints and CannaLance have both been a part of the cannabis community and culture for decades.

We’re helping to usher in the green era, end cannabis prohibition, and merge culture with industry. Contact Craig AKA The Expert and/or James or Ashley of CannaLance if you need web copy, blogs, advertising, help with your social media, or one of many other services we can offer you.  A single seed can tip the scales, together we can outweigh them!

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