Ninjas, Pot, Passion, and A Mugshot

Cannabis, weed, pot, Mary Jane, ganja, herb, dank, loud, crisp, what do you call it? If you ask me I call it evolving. Cannabis is something I have always enjoyed, and it seems that I always will. When I was a young boy (3-7 years old) is when my first memories of pot as we called it back in the day came to be. I used to play in old buried school buses where lots of pot was grown.

I used to love to play with the leaves at harvest time. Something was just cool about being around the smell of the plants. I didn’t realize what these plants were at the time. I just knew I loved the leaves. Everyone loved it when I’d sweep em all up and play pick up sticks with all the stems.

Oh Snap, It’s A Bunch of Ninjas

My first time meeting the police was when I was about 7 years old. I’ll never forget playing by my swing set in the back yard. My swing set was next to a big field of tall grass. I had an orange cat with white stripes named Red. I’ll never forget going to pet my cat and him running into that field. I chased after him.

As I reached the tall grass where I wasn’t allowed to go my cat came running with what I called ninjas behind him. These ninjas were the police in swat gear. I ran screaming to the house and then out the door and threw the woods to my grandmother’s house.  I later learned my parents were arrested for what the state thought was hash.

It turned out that hash wasn’t hash. It was some sort of vegetable cookie. Anyway, life went on. We continued to grow pot. Of course, never at home. I was an only child. You could say many of my friends were older than me. They always had such great stories. These stories helped shape me for the work I do today.

Mary Jane Has Been My Girl My Entire Life

I started smoking pot very early. Like first grade kinda early. I continued to smoke pot and have never stopped except once. I was an honor student in school, have 7 kids, own two businesses, and have a mugshot for pot today. That’s where the I quit once comes into play.

The state of Wisconsin charged me with Felony drug trafficking. I had about 3 ounces of pot with me going on vacation to Myrtle Beach South Carolina. The cops that arrested me were assholes. I mean they were assholes, not like they were just assholes for arresting me. They hated weed.

I only spent an overnight in The Rock County Correctional Facility before being released on a signature bond. I was offered 8 years in jail or 4 years of federal prohibition and drug treatment classes. Even this only stopped me from smoking for about 2 years. I’m 40 now and still live my bud!

What Sparked My Fire To Write About Pot

This is an easy answer. After losing my 11-month old son Xander Chase Priest to Menkes Disease and watching him go through months of All Children’s Hospital visits and stays I was devastated. Xander had dozens of micro seizures every day. We tried countless options of pharmaceuticals, but nothing worked. I knew a bit about cannabis, but nothing compared to what I’ve learned of the last few years. After Xander passed and I learned of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services receiving patent 6,630,507 I was pissed. Not that pot could have saved my son possibly but that it could have gave the little guy a better quality of life while he was here.

You could say that kicked my tires and lit the fires that got me going. I’ve been learning and will never stop. I’m at a point where I’m ready to bring what I know to the front lines and rattle some cages. You say cannabis needs more research I say you need to learn how to read.

You say cannabis is a gateway drug, I say your doctor’s office is the gateway to drug addiction. You say marijuana, I say cannabis. You say user and I say consumer. You say you don’t support cannabis so nobody else should, please so we know who you are. Start counting because just like Chris Christy, your ass is going to be out of a job soon!

Do You Have A Mugshot For Pot?

Cannabis prohibition has hurt may of good people. I know what it does firsthand. I cover stories all the time of wrongdoings by our government when it comes to how they treat cannabis consumers. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. We’re tired of being rounded up and incarcerated, tired of being kept from our loved ones, tired of a government that lies to us and profits from our misery.

If you have a mugshot for pot, I ask you to please share it. Let the world know just how many of us there is. It’s time for us to unite as a culture and put a stop to this atrocity. We can remove the evil in office. I also ask for all of those who are against cannabis and say that more research is needed to please let us know who you are.

We need to know who to vote out of office and out of a job. Enough of your own agenda. It’s time to listen to the people. We know who you are so enjoy your jobs while you have them. Ruin and take down as many people as you can, because you can best believe your days in office are numbered.

I’m here to tell the world about you, to be a voice for the many seeds that are buried with dirt every day by you across our country.  My name is James Priest owner of CannaLance and I share with you my story and my mugshot for pot.

Article courtesy of Expert Contributor: JamesP from CannaLance (CannaLance.com@CannaLance@CannaLancer710)