Merry, Productive, Happy, Hungry and Sleepy Jane

When it comes to the ganja make no mistake that some will say it just isn’t their thing while others can’t seem to get enough of the stuff.  It takes all kinds of people to make the world go round and not everyone has to partake in the herb to make the world spin. For those of us who do enjoy marijuana, the world is a bit different though. Most people who enjoy cannabis become part of a culture of caring people united towards peace and prosperity. We find that cannabis becomes a part of our daily life. We eat, sleep and play with cannabis every day. There’s a multitude of cannabis strains out there from Indicas and Sativas to Hybrids and Landraces. They all effect each one of us a little bit differently. Here are some of the favorites when it comes to eating, sleeping, working, and playing.

Sometimes people are looking to increase their appetite. This may be due to a medical condition or perhaps it’s brought on by an all-you-can-eat-buffet or family cookout. Whatever the reason a bit of ganja may be just the thing to make you want to devour everything on your plate. When it comes to the herb, munchies is the word. Munchies is the word I think best describes them all. However, here are a few strains that people everywhere are help them eat, sleep, work and play.


UK Cheese comes in on the top of the list. The name itself makes one think of an amazing sandwich or a wheel of deliciousness.  UK Cheese is a phenotype of Original Skunk. It was said to have been acquired by the Exodus Collective in the early 80’s as a package of Original Skunk. When the seeds were planted they were Skunk but something happened along the way and the phenotype Cheese was born. This phenotype still lives on to this day in clippings from that first plant. These clippings are shared with close friends and given to new ones. This strain of cannabis has a very pungent earthy taste. It also packs a good buzz followed with the urge to eat everything. On a munchie scale of 1-10 the Cheese does its job to please, coming in at a 10.


OG Kush is legendary strain that will help you get a little sleep according to the masses. The heavy hitting classic came around in the 1990’s and quickly became a favorite in the U.S. OG Kush is to America what the Cheese is to the UK. OG Kush is known to be strong strain that will without a doubt chill you out. If you need some help getting a little shut eye, then perhaps you might ask an OG for some help. A few hits from this OG will have you asleep in no time at all if you sit back and relax. Packing a heavy THC ratio OG Kush is one sweet bush that is loved by both medical and recreational marijuana consumers alike.


A good work weed will depend on who we are talking about. Some people love a good Sativa to help motivate them and spark their creativity. Some are wound to tight for all that though and prefer a good Indica to help slow the wheels that go round and round down a bit.  Thanks to Hybrids the choice becomes even more confusing.  For this category I say try them all and tell me what works best for you. But, if you want some suggestions then the popular census for a great strain to get you through your work day is Green Crack. Some don’t like the name and I must say I agree with them. For this reason, Green Crack is also being called Green Cush. If you are a thinker this is supposed to be where it’s at for creativity.


Marijuana is known to bring on the giggles.  A bit of laughter in your day is a give to help you play. There are many strains that will do this and just like with the munchies all good strains should bring on this feeling.  The Haze strains such as Super Silver Haze are said to be the cause of many giggle fests. The Haze Strain is known for putting you in a beautiful mood and elevating your state of mind. A California strain that made its way around the globe and is loved by many the Haze is a great way to put a little play in your day. Haze comes in many different forms such as Blueberry Haze, Mango Haze and even Purple Haze. If you are looking to have a little fun and want to toke on some, give the Haze a try and enjoy the high.


No matter what other people say about cannabis strains remember that only you know how they will treat you. What might stone one person into Couch-Lock might take another person to the gym. Cannabis is not something for everyone but it is something for me. I love all types of it and say this to you about cannabis/marijuana/ganja/weed/herb or whatever else you may call it. Try it all!

 ‘A single seed can tip the scale, be the seed!’

Article courtesy of Expert Contributor: JamesP from Marijuana Writers (