EXPERT JOINTS LIVE! – “Extract-Zen Party Special” Replay – Part 1 – From The Tent

Join The Expert at 5:30pm(PT) for the replay of the EXPERT JOINTS LIVE! special from the Extract-Zen Party in Toronto!

The original live stream was hit with some audio restrictions by YouTube, so we had to do a couple edits and upload the replay for you. This portion covers the action from the dab tent! Stay tuned for more videos of the Extract Zen Party special…

The Extract-Zen Party is a Cannabis for Cancer fundraiser featuring top extraction artists in the cannabis industry; as well as a wide selection of vendors, sponsors and entertainers (including: Raekwon, Jelleestone, Young Stitch and Primo Green). The event serves to educate and create awareness surrounding the ever-growing extraction industry, and its benefits to patients suffering from cancer. This fun and informative event features an opportunity to experience a cross selection of the finest extracts available, musical performances, celebrity judges and much more. Learn first hand how this new art form is revolutionizing the medical cannabis industry, as we raise funds to support cancer patients in need.

For more on the Extract-Zen Party sponsors and performers, please visit:

Original air date – March 18, 2016