A Few Doses of Cannabis a Day For Our Loved Ones to Stay

“In loving memory of Sam Stone”

Anyone who has ever been diagnosed with Cancer or lost someone to Cancer knows the roller coaster of emotions that goes through the brain when first hearing the word Cancer. This was all too real for my friends and I when we heard our dear friend was diagnosed with cancer but not just any cancer. She was diagnosed with Choriocarcinoma, a fast-growing form of cancer that occurs in a woman’s uterus. We had no clue what Cancer would show us; teach us or how it would begin to affect our worlds and hers.

Choriocarcinoma is a malignant, gestational trophoblastic disease and is an uncommon type of cancer that occurs during pregnancy. A woman can have a normal pregnancy and still have the cancer occur within the placenta, where the cancer cells first develop. Most do not even know that they have cancer or that this is occurring until a miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy or birth has been given.

About half the time the way Choriocarcinoma Cancer forms is with a Hydatidiform mole, which is a rare mass or growth that forms inside the uterus (womb) at the beginning of pregnancy.  When a Hydatidiform mole is present, it is from too much production of the tissue that is supposed to develop into the placenta. Usually when this occurs a woman will have either a molar pregnancy (abnormal placenta and no fetus) or partial molar pregnancy (abnormal placenta and some fetal development).


There also is the possibility of a woman to have normal pregnancy and healthy baby but this is very rare with Choriocarcinoma cancer. Another form of Choriocarcinoma can develop after a full term pregnancy and healthy birth, this form is known as placental-site trophoblastic tumor (PSTT). It is known to invade the muscle layer of the uterus and usually, does not spread if caught and treated with proper surgery. This form can also be a result of pieces of placenta left in after birth and is one of the leading causes of how this cancer is formed.

The final form is call Epithelioid trophoblastic tumor (ETT), which is an extremely rare form of Choriocarcinoma and can be hard to diagnose. ETT was formally known as atypical Choriocarcinoma because the cells look identical to the Choriocarcinoma cell but is now being thought of as separate disease that can also be found in the cervix and be mistaken for cervical cancer as well. Both PSTT and ETT form after a full-term pregnancy but ETT takes years to form after the pregnancy.

The development of this Cancer often goes undetected for some time after a normal pregnancy because your signs and symptoms for this cancer are abdominal pain and irregular vaginal bleeding, which all can occur after you have had a baby. Most will not know they have Choriocarcinoma until it has spread or tumors have started to develop. Test such as CT scans, MRI’s, blood work and a pelvic exam is usually how Choriocarcinoma Cancer is diagnosed.


With any Cancer there are protocols in place for treatment of the type of cancer. There is also a stage from 0 to 4 that a patient is rated, 0 being the earliest sign and 4 being the worst case scenario, along with location of the cancer certain combinations of chemotherapy, radiation and removal of the growth is usually the only option for cancer treatment. This style treatment is not known to work well for those with PSTT and ETT as the treatment does not seem to respond well to the cancer, making the outlook negative for most patients who are diagnosed with this form of Choriocarcinoma cancer.

In addition to not always working these pharmaceutical treatments are known to make patients ill, have weakened immune systems and extreme side effects like hair loss from the available treatments. Leaving patients down and out for days sometimes weeks after treatment, causing them to not be able to work and loss a lot of their identity to this cancer that cause other health issues for these patients on top of their cancer.

What if there was another option, what if there was a way to help our loved ones who are suffering, what if we didn’t have to offer them medication that made them suffer more, would you be willing to go to any length to fight for the right to cure your loved one? With today’s research and our ganjapreneurs reporting, experimenting and testing we have found that cannabinoids have properties to treat or offer relief to cancer patients. Even the National Cancer Institute or NCI that is mandated to educate Americans about cancer recently admitted that in a lab setting cannabis is killing cancer cells.

We are learning more and more each and every day about the cannabis plant and how its properties are actually even part of the human central and peripheral nervous system. With certain cannabis or cannabinoids we are able to inhibit tumor growth by causing cancer cells to die, blocking the cells growth abilities and blocking the blood vessels that supply the tumor with its ‘food’ to continue to grow or do damage.


NCI reports that cannabinoids can potentially reduce the risk of colon cancer, that THC Delta 9 was found to damage or kill liver cells and also has anti-tumor effects help to reduce and stop the growth especially on malignant tumors. CBD was found to cause death in breast cancer cells while not disrupting the normal and healthy cells. CBD was also found that when used with chemotherapy it helped make the treatment more effective and increase the death in cancer cells without impacting or affecting the normal and healthy cells involved with the cancer. Cannabis has been proven to reduce malignant tumors by up to 43% in size if not more.

Not only did the NCI report these findings but they also reported different symptoms that cannabis would be effective in treating. It was found that cannabis stimulates one’s appetite, offers pain relief, and helps relieve nausea and vomiting along with reducing anxiety and providing a better quality of sleep. These are reporting in addition to what a lot of medical users already know and use cannabis for today as a treatment, yet it is still consider illegal in most places.


Cancer Before and After CBD

Despite these findings from our own government research facilities we still do not offer cannabis as a treatment to those suffering from cancer, even if it is a terminal cancer. Big Pharma has offered a synthetic version of cannabinoids known as dronabinol and nabilone which are only approved for treatment of nausea and vomiting as a result of chemo treatment. Patients who use or have used cannabis have reported that this is nowhere near as affective as the actual cannabis plant.

The only reason that patients do not currently receive cannabis as a treatment is due to the loss of profit Big Pharma, hospitals and doctors would loss from no longer being able to prescribe treatments that have little to no effect on a suffering patient. Since cannabis remains illegal many patients due not reach to it for help due to fear of their doctor finding out or for their own personal reason being that it is illegal. If that law was changed and doctors would own up to the findings that the government let slip we could be treating and curing cancer like the medical world claims to working towards so hard. People like you, my friends and myself would not be saying goodbye to a loved one because cancer took them away from us.

Instead we would be able to share smiles, laughter and chats with them still if we utilized this natural plant that has been used in medications for centuries. It is time we start thinking outside the box of medical treatment, if you knew that cannabis could cure your loved one’s cancer, even being illegal would you go to any length to make sure you could help them medicate. I bet you will answer yes, now that you have read this article.

Imagine offering your loved ones’ edibles, tinctures and patches instead of poison, long hospital stays and wicked side effects, just imagine hearing those words, you are Cancer free because you medicated with THC, CBD and other cannabinoids. I think those are all words we can live with hearing and hope to hear when our loved one has cancer. Keep fighting for your loved ones’ treatment and right to medicate with cannabis; no one ever wants to say ‘see you later’.

Article courtesy of Expert Contributor: De Bavery from Marijuana Writers (@DieselsCannaMarijuanaWriters.com, @MarijuanaWriter)