Miss Pebbles Trippet – A True Cannabis Legend and Green Leaf Warrior

Marijuana legalization and marijuana prohibition have been something certain individuals have been dealing with for decades. There are many old school activists who have made a stand against marijuana prohibition and outdated cannabis reform laws. A lot of these individuals are not mainstream celebrities that are known to everybody.

Many times if you do not live in the area these people are from or are an avid follower of everything happening throughout the cannabis community you most likely will not have heard of them. California has had many different legends that stemmed from it. From the shorelines in San Francisco to the hills and valleys of Humboldt County, Mendocino County, and Trinity County. Of course, this should ring a bell to you as the Emerald Triangle.

The individuals that are known from this area range from historical legends such as Mendocino Joe all the way to people like David Watson aka Sam the Skunkman. The average cannabis consumer does not know who these individuals are. Cannabis would not be cannabis the way we know it today if not for legends of the past like these.

Recently in my studies and writings about the cannabis industry I came across a name that I feel must get some recognition. The name that I am speaking about is a member of the Mendocino Medical Marijuana Advisory Board. I’m talking about none other than the legendary marijuana activists by the name of Pebbles Trippet.


Pebbles story is one that I would hope to cover personally more in depth in the future but for now, I’m going to give you an introduction to this legend. Back in the early 1990s Pebbles was arrested for transporting cannabis. This would lead to a more than decade-long battle that she would ultimately end up winning. During the process of this battle, she would help to change the face of medical marijuana in the state of California and influence decisions that helped shape cannabis today.

Everybody remembers California Senate Bill 420, as well as Proposition 215. Both bills 420 and Proposition 215 were influenced heavily and personally impacted by Miss Pebbles Trippet. During her legal trials, she ended up spending time incarcerated. She, however, did not give up and, in the long run, was able to win her case.

This was not however until she fired her attorney. Her attorney wanted to represent her stating that her marijuana was required medically, or she would die. She knew that this was not true nor was this the way she wanted to be represented. With the lawyers not wanting to cooperate and take on the case the way she wanted to, there was nothing left to do but to fire her attorney and defend herself. It ended up being one of the best movements that she did as her victory set many things in motion.


She is all for the medical marijuana patient’s rights and has no problem in boldly expressing her support. Helping to influence decisions and change cannabis reform laws regarding the amount patients are allowed to grow and possess as well as taking a stand supporting per parcel growing over just collective growing, Pebbles Trippet is a true green leaf warrior. Cannabis activist are not always in it for the limelight. Some individuals help to educate others behind the scenes in a continued effort towards intelligent and effective cannabis reform laws.

Some individuals are in the mainstream and have celebrity status. These individuals can utilize that to their advantage and to the advantage of others worldwide by being a voice of reason. A voice of reason that tens of thousands even millions will hear and listen to. Activists can be anybody. Only we as a people can make the changes necessary that will allow for safe access to a plant that should never have been denied from the people of the world in the first place.

 ‘A single seed can tip the scale, be the seed!’

Article courtesy of Expert Contributor: JamesP from Marijuana Writers (MarijuanaWriters.com@MarijuanaWriter)