Hemp Can Help and We’re About to Make History

Hemp is capable of some amazing things. Unfortunately, this genome of cannabis has also been made widely illegal along with the war on drugs and prohibition against cannabis. Hemp is one of the most versatile and beneficial plants on this planet. Hemp is beneficial to the human body, as well as to mother earth herself. Mankind has not been very kind to mother earth. In fact, man has consistently destroyed this planet in which we live on and if man does not make the right choices in the very near future to do something about the damage they have done it could very well could mean the end of the earth as we know it.


Hemp is one of the plants that could help us reverse the damage that has been done. When hemp is planted into the soil, it does not suck nutrients from it but rather pulls harmful toxins from the ground and leaves the soil in which it was planted in better condition than what it was to start with. Hemp has been used at the Chernobyl radiation disaster site to pull radiation from the ground and has shown to be quite successful.

Hemp can also help our environment by being substituted for timber, plastic and cotton. Everything that we currently make from trees all the way from furniture to paper and all in between can be made from hemp.  Choosing to allow these products to be legally made from hemp rather than timber would allow us to cut back on the mass deforestation that is happening on our planet and causing much destruction to the planet as well as the habitats of many different wildlife species. Hemp grows at a substantially faster rate in comparison to the time it takes for a tree to grow to maturity. In fact, hemp grows from seed to harvest in just 12 weeks. That is simply incredible.


Throughout history, there have been many things that have been built out of hemp and thanks to forward thinking and driven individuals the future of hemp construction looks to be a hempstastic one! Hempcrete is a fireproof, durable, strong, termite resistant and ecofriendly building material that can be utilized to build houses, schools, office buildings and much more. Hempcrete is made from combining hemp hurd with lime and is proving to be a great innovation. There is currently a project in Western Australia that is utilizing hempcrete to build a small self-sustainable mini village of 12 buildings and a city center.


On a completely different spectrum, the first ever hemp airplane is also under construction currently thanks to the Hempearth Group LTD. This hemp airplane will be built utilizing at least 75% hemp in the construction. This plane will also, of course, run off of hemp biodiesel fuel as well which will allow it to leave almost a zero footprint impact on the environment. The Kickstarter campaign for this historic aviation and hemp event will kick off on April 20th,2016. The first flight of the hemp airplane is slated to take place in 2017 from the Wright Brothers Memorial in Kitty Hawk North Carolina. This is sure to be a monumental event in not only aviation history but also hemp history!

Article courtesy of Expert Contributor: AshleyP from Marijuana Writers (MarijuanaWriters.com@MarijuanaWriter)