A Cultured Personality, A Cannabis Cultured Personality That Is

Cannabis has been connecting people for centuries around the world. Whether it be through hemp or marijuana those in the cannabis community are a tight niche collective. Unlike the violence seen with heroin, cocaine, and prescription pills the cannabis culture is far from this for the most part. Marijuana is connecting us all in a unique way today. It’s bringing people together who are passionate. Being told not to do something is one thing. When people discover that they’ve been lied to about what not to do for the sake of profit and control, well, it pisses them off.

People are pissed off and demanding a change today. World leaders in other countries see the harm marijuana prohibition is causing and that it has caused. For this reason, marijuana reform is taking place around the world. Many leaders of different countries have made medical marijuana legal. Not just for a particular area such as their Capital, instead, rather the legalization applies across the board. It is in my own opinion that all marijuana consumption is medical. When you consume marijuana, there is a reason.  Whether it’s stress, pain, depression, appetite, or to just simply feel good, it’s all medicinal.


The United States of America is in the mainstream of the media as marijuana legalization takes center stage. There are many individuals, who have fought the good fight, so to say, in the name of marijuana legalization. These individuals are iconic worldwide. Movies are made about them, documentaries cover their stories, and the media and fans keep their legacies alive. In the United States of America, if you were to ask the average person to name somebody who supports marijuana openly, you would typically get the answer Cheech and Chong. Now this is true, and there’s nothing wrong with Cheech and Chong at all, they are great cannabis advocates, but there are so many people out there that deserve recognition for their support.


As the owner of a marijuana writing content company, I research the cannabis industry on a daily basis on just about every imaginable level. I will tell you one thing that disappoints me with marijuana reform and that is the direction the United States is taking. Men, women, and children are suffering across our country that can benefit greatly from the medicinal effects associated with marijuana. Meanwhile political leaders play games clinging onto prohibition. These individuals are obviously bought and paid for by their lobbying supporters. To deny the absolute truth when it is plain, clear, and evidently placed in front of you is an absurdity.


As the Health Minister of Australia Sussan Ley recently pointed out while speaking, there are many individuals behind the scenes of cannabis that had played a pivotal role in advocacy. If not for the diligent efforts of these individuals bringing this issue in front of countries and nation leaders, laws would remain outdated and the same. Health Minister Sussan Ley said:

‘I would particularly like to acknowledge the many patient advocates who have played a tremendous and tireless role in bringing this important issue to the attention of the nation.’


This could not be truer. There’s an abundance of successful motivated and driven individuals throughout the cannabis community and culture. These individuals have been suppressed from achieving their full performance and being allowed to play their active parts in the advancement of human evolution. Thanks to marijuana laws changing around the globe many individuals that fell into this category can come out in support of marijuana, as well as to no longer be threatened by the potential chances of losing everything they have ever worked for.

These individuals, however, would not have had the opportunity to step forward confidently if it had not been for the countless sacrifices of tens of thousands of cannabis advocates around the world. Every arrest that governments made was their attempt to bury cannabis advocates and supporters. With every arrest and incarceration, they felt they were winning their war. By using old outdated laws that were set in place promoting racial profiling, countless individuals in minority groups around the world have had their lives turned upside down due to marijuana prohibition.


Mainstream individuals for cannabis advocacy such as Dana Larsen, Jack Herer, Marc Emery, Jodie Emery, Terry Roycroft, John Conroy and Nevil Schoenmakers have helped to influence the world. From America to Australia and Canada the reach of the influential individuals has made a positive impact on marijuana reform. Other individuals such as Woody Harrelson, George Zimmerman, Jennifer Aniston, Melissa Etheridge, Tommy Chong, Shelby Chong, Cheech Marin, and many other celebrities have also played pivotal roles in marijuana legalization and cannabis reform. Let us not forget about the individuals that help supply and demand when it came to bringing cannabis to the people. Individuals such as Tim McBride, Howard Marks, and Brian O’Dea risked everything to bring the ganja to the people.

All of these individuals understand marijuana prohibition all too well. Some of these people have served lengthy stints of prison time. Many of these people have friends that are incarcerated. These pot prisoners may never get a chance to see the outside of a prison in their life. As Brian O’Dea very eloquently stated, everybody in the cannabis industry owes the individuals before them who paved the path for reform and yet are still incarcerated.

From marijuana smugglers and small-time dealers, to individuals who did not abide by federal regulations concerning cannabis, in general, there are many individuals who paid a hefty price thanks to marijuana prohibition. Take for example Bernard Noble in Louisiana. This individual has no criminal history and is serving an excessive amount of time in prison over two joints! As I sit in a state where recreational and medical marijuana are both legal my heart goes out to the men, women, and children not only of this country but of nations around the world who are suffering due to marijuana prohibition.


You shall not be forgotten as long as I can write. This message goes out to all of those individuals who stand in support of cannabis legalization and the end of marijuana prohibition altogether. By providing accurate and up-to-date information about the cannabis community, industry, and culture in general, we can educate the planet. It no longer becomes a battle once individuals educate themselves. When people realize they have been lied to it really pisses them off. The lies are being exposed on a daily basis, as well as the liars. Cover the world with knowledge about marijuana and help break the terrible stigma of nearly eight decades of negative propaganda.

 ‘A single seed can tip the scale, be the seed!’

Article courtesy of Expert Contributor: JamesP from Marijuana Writers (MarijuanaWriters.com@MarijuanaWriter)