Cannabis Evolution Will Lead to a Solution

Marijuana legalization is changing many things around the globe. Not just laws but things such as the quality of cannabis itself.  Back in the day, a bag of pot was just a bag of pot unless of course you got a hold to one of the classics such as Skunk Bud, Northern Lights, Maui Wowie, or Acapulco Gold. Today we have multiple Sativa’s and Indica’s along with an extensive line of hybrid cannabis strains available for us.


All of the blazing and amazing weed we have today took a lot of sacrifice and dedication by numerous of people. Some are known, while others will remain hidden legends in a once shadowy underground world. Some of the names that any stoner, medical patient, cannabis connoisseur should know are these legends.


Maple Leaf Wilson, Mendocino Joe also known as Romulan Joe, David Watson Aka Sam the Skunkman, Howard Marks aka Mr. Nice, Shantibaba, Nevil Martin Schoenmakers, DJ Short, and Tim McBride. These people are some of the legends that made it all happen.


The breeding and growing techniques, as well as the curing and packaging methods, have all evolved thanks to knowledge handed down throughout a long history that has led to where cannabis has grown to today. Beyond the multiple mass produced marijuana‘s found today some people still prefer a finer quality that has a more personal touch.


The process of breeding and growing fine cannabis has accelerated and taken to new levels. The level I’m referring to is craft cannabis. Craft cannabis is produced by master breeders and master growers in smaller batches.


Marijuana receives personal attention this way. Each plant is similar yet very much different at the same time. What works for one might not always work for the other just like with people. Craft marijuana produces a higher quality on many different levels.


Taste profile, aroma, buzz, and medicinal effects are all enhanced by this form of growing. Taking a natural approach to growing the ganja and combining age-old skills marijuana can be grown healthier. Craft marijuana gives cannabis a chance to reach its full potential.


By utilizing organic techniques in pest control methods as well as overall nurturing of the plant itself, craft cannabis allows each plant to reach its full genetic potential. You’ll never find pesticides or nasty chemicals with craft cannabis.


Many people are worried about the dangerous pesticides that are used in commercial marijuana. This a valid concern and one that is just coming into the light for many. Ask your growers who know and they will tell you most likely some of the ganja you have smoked over the years was in pretty bad shape.


From molds and mildew to insect and rodent infestation ganja of the past was tainted. Add the pesticide effect into that ratio and your weed could have some nasty extras that you wouldn’t want.


The great benefit of a legalized marijuana and the end of marijuana prohibition all together is that it will drive out the bad product. People will no longer pay for a product that is crap. When you have access to quality marijuana, there’s no need to buy shwag.


Today we have many people to thank in the mainstream of media that are helping to bring awareness about cannabis to the misinformed public. The evolution of cannabis will be the solution. The solution to an endless list of possibilities only limited by the expansion of the mind.

Article courtesy of Expert Contributor: JamesP from Marijuana Writers (