Advocate Names to Know in North America

Cannabis activist and advocates have been educating and making changes around the world for decades. Some of them are famed thanks to their career in acting or singing and some from politics while others are only known amongst some. Many of them have made a greater difference than many could ever imagine. In the United States when you think about cannabis advocates some of the first things that come to mind to many people is Tommy Chong, Willie Nelson and Snoop Dogg. This is because of their limelight of being celebrities.


Many advocates in the United States are making differences in many of ways. One of those is Tammy Wood. Tammy is an advocate who lives in the state of Wisconsin and also owns Wood Pipes Smoke Shoppe and Speakeasy in Reedsburg Wisconsin. Tammy is actively involved with the Midwest Marijuana Harvest Festival each year in Madison Wisconsin. The rest of the year you can find her advocating wherever and whenever she gets a chance for freedom surrounding this plant.


Another advocate and activist that is making changes in other ways is Adela Falk. Adela is the founder and manages, which is a repository of information pertaining to inmates that are serving unjust sentences for cannabis convictions. You can find Adela actively advocating for the release of these prisoners at many rallies and events across the United States every year. Every other day of the year you can find Adela communicating with these prisoners, their families and friends as well as petitioning for the release and making a difference to make their time of incarceration as comfortable as it can be. She is constantly fighting for the injustices that these individuals are facing and working to remind them on a constant basis that there are many of us out here fighting for their rights.


In Canada, you can find Marc and Jodie Emery, who are very politically active in the advocacy for marijuana legalization and the rights for Canadians and those around the globe to have legal access to this medicine as well as cannabis for recreational consumption. Marc is the owner of the Cannabis Culture Lounge in Vancouver as well as the Cannabis Culture Magazine. Marc and Jodie are known as the Prince and Princess of Pot and have been involved with political measures to legalize cannabis with several different political parties in Canada.


Terry Roycroft is the founder in MCRCI in Canada. The MCRCI is a resource for those who are in need of assistance in obtaining legal documentation to possess medical marijuana while in the country. MCRCI has helped many different people including medical marijuana patients in the country and individuals who are in the country for short time periods for business and/or pleasure. Terry regularly speaks at various expos, conferences, and other events spreading education and knowledge of marijuana as a medicine.

These are just a few of the thousands of people that are fighting for legalization and the end of prohibition in the United States and Canada. Thanks to individuals such as the ones mentioned above we have started to see major progress towards the end of cannabis prohibition.

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