Top 5 Stoner Ladies on the Big and Small Screen

Male stoner characters are a dime a dozen: Cheech and Chong, Ricky, Julian, Spicoli, Slater, Hyde, Jay and Silent Bob. But let’s spend some time on the Lady Tokers who deserve a share of the limelight:

FIVE: Jane (It’s Complicated)

It’s Complicated is a typical rich-white-person comedy, but the scenes where Meryl Streep smokes a reefer and goes to her son’s graduation party ripped makes it mandatory viewing. Mary Jane only makes a one-time appearance, but it’s still enough to give us the priceless visuals of Steve Martin tokin’ deep behind a row of hedges, and Alec Baldwin shotgunning a toke with John Krasinski in a bathroom. Also, Jane’s best line regarding the interior of her car: “That’s an insane dashboard. Looks like we’re in a cockpit.” Jane wasn’t a regular smoker, but I don’t think anyone would’ve complained if she turned into one.

FOUR: Abbi Abrams (Broad City)

Few people in this world are as cute when they smoke as Abbi Abrams, but I’m a little disappointed that ya girl can’t buy weed on her own, so she’s farther down the list than she could’ve been. Fav Stoned Abbi moment: when she gets ripped while stuck in a hole in the ground, and fantasizes about going to a farmer’s market with Mark Ruffalo. Me too, Abbi. Me too.

THREE: Michelle (Dazed and Confused)

Unfortunately, Pickford’s girlfriend in the Linklater classic Dazed and Confused doesn’t get much camera time. But the beautiful Michelle is a relaxing, chill presence; almost like Mary Jane herself. She’s perched behind Pickford while they smoke in his room, and she even spearheads the Kiss paint-over of the town statue. Shown rolling a jay in the opening credits, there’s no doubt Michelle was the Cool Girl who taught all the other girls how to roll a decent doob, and who always had papers on her.

TWO: Donna Pinciotti (That 70’s Show)

Whether you prefer her blonde or red-headed, with Eric or without him, there’s no arguing that That 70’s Show’s Donna Pinciotti was one bodacious lady. There’s absolutely no way a girl could put up with having Jackie as a best friend, Eric as a boyfriend, and Bob and Midge as parents without first possessing all kinds of far-out cool. Though the gang’s first foray with Mary Jane came courtesy of Hyde’s mom’s stash, it’s hinted time and again that Bob and Midge smoke dope, buy dope, and grow dope. It’s probable that once Hyde was living at the Foreman’s, the gang’s easiest access to herb was Donna’s parents; one could theorize most of those basement sessions were courtesy of the Girl Next Door.

ONE: Ilana Wexler (Broad City)

Step aside, ladies – Broad City’s Ilana Wexler has set the bar for Stoner Girls on TV. Though the show is just getting started, we’ve already seen Ilana buy pot out the window of a moving car, stash a dimebag in her cooch for a subway ride, and attempt to roll a jay with a giant leaf in the park. Ilana has a tendency to run her mouth off, but her SJW ramblings about a caramel-queer race and rape culture only add to her stoner charm. After all: the hippies were radical, too.

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