Social Media Troubles for Canna-Businesses

Social media plays a big part of how many people stay in communication with friends and family today. There are billions of social media account holders around the world which is also making platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more, great places for businesses and organizations to market their products and services.  In fact, there are many companies and businesses that have dedicated departments within their organizations just for social media management. 

Social media is proving to be one of the greatest tools at the fingertips of marketing departments today. There is a new industry though that is evolving at a rapid rate and that is the cannabis industry. This is one of the industries that social media has looked down upon and discriminated against based on the conflictions between federal and state law. This confliction between federal and state law has caused issues of all sorts. One of those happens to be surrounding social media marketing and advertising.


Many social media platforms have bans against the advertising or marketing of drugs on their platforms. At this time cannabis is still considered a drug on the federal level despite its legality as a medicine in several states and countries around the world. Many marijuana related business have had their social media accounts closed due to the industry they are associated with and because they work directly with cannabis and cannabis products. For ancillary businesses in the cannabis industry marketing and advertising through Twitter ads or sponsored Facebook posts are out of the question even if what you are trying to promote isn’t directly related to the sales of cannabis products.


One of the most recent stories surrounding cannabis businesses and social media accounts being shut down was surrounding 3 medical marijuana dispensaries in the state of New Jersey. This sincerely upsets many individuals who utilize social media to inform and to educate. Many businesses utilize social media to stay in contact with clients, customers and in this case medical marijuana patients. It is simply screwed up that cannabis businesses are not allowed share and promote posts that have educational and factual information surrounding a medicinal plant that is saving lives.


What is even more screwed up is that Pharmaceutical, Alcohol and Tobacco companies can advertise where ever and whenever they see fit and they kill thousands of people every year. It is quite easy to see who is controlling the puppet strings if you simply take a step back and look at the bigger picture.

Article courtesy of Expert Contributor: AshleyP from Marijuana Writers (