THE EXPERT LIVE! – Episode 26 – at Pot TV!

Join ‘The Expert’ for our weekly smoke session – LIVE! Thursdays at 4:20pm (PT)… now from the Pot TV studio at the the world famous Marc Emery’s Cannabis Culture Headquarters!

Episode 26 proudly came to you from the beautiful Pot TV studio at the world famous Marc Emery’s Cannabis Culture Headquarters (307 W. Hastings, Vancouver BC)! We’re thrilled to present our first TEL broadcast from our dope new location; as well as be joined by Cannabis Culture & Pot TV editor-in-chief, and host of Cannabis Culture News, Jeremiah Vandermeer! Plus, The Princess of Pot – Jodie Emery also made a surprise appearance! We also smoked some God’s Green Crack and Hindu Kush from Vancity Weed (610 Robson, 63 Kingsway & 1181 Granville, Vancouver BC)! Of course we had news, updates and much more; so toke up & tune in to the dope replay!

Original air date – February 4, 2016