Big Problems with Corporate Greed and Weed

Big Pharma, alcohol and tobacco companies, police unions and private prisons are all aiming to gain control over marijuana. These industries have been at the forefront battling against marijuana legalization for decades. Now these industries are trying to find ways to capitalize on marijuana while still lobbying and paying politicians to enforce marijuana prohibition. Since 1911 when the pharmaceutical industry started replacing marijuana with man-made chemically engineered pharmaceuticals cannabis has had a war waged against it.


Laws Get Passed and People Think They’ve Won

When marijuana legalization laws go into effect, many individuals are happy and feel that they have sustained a victory. This however sometimes can be very far from the truth. When control of marijuana laws are given to liquor and pharmaceutical boards, these industries show their true colors. Canada is batting around the idea of cannabis being sold in liquor stores. This idea goes over well with some while others are not interested in buying cannabis from a liquor store. Many individuals who choose to consume cannabis like to smell and see their product not just buy it pre-packaged like beef jerky or cigarettes.


Liquor Stores Want to Sell Mary Jane

Liquor control boards along with pharmaceutical control boards have made obtaining medical marijuana in states such as Minnesota and Washington State expensive and not easily accessible. In the state of Minnesota, individuals are still turning to the black market for medical marijuana. This would be because the black market dealers are supplying marijuana at a lower price than the greedy drug companies that own the state of Minnesota. The pharmaceutical industry has control of marijuana in Minnesota and that’s not working so well. Just take a look at how screwed up their marijuana reform laws are and how inefficient and broken they work.


A Nationwide and Worldwide Problem Fueled by Greed

Move halfway across the United States to Washington State and you will see the Liquor Control Board taking marijuana licenses and revoking them. Telling people who are hardworking tax paying citizens that they are not allowed back into the city to do business. The liquor industry and pharmaceutical industry stand to lose billions of dollars quarterly. These individuals have been making their money off the suffering and torment of humankind for far too long. The pharmaceutical industry along with alcohol and tobacco will do anything they can to prevent marijuana legalization or to slow the process.


Adults Are Choosing Cannabis

With the numbers already showing that cannabis will replace cigarettes and alcohol in the near future, these industries are doing everything in their corrupt, greedy ways to hang on to making their billions of dollars. Companies such as Purdue Pharma known by many as the makers of OxyContin have been sued countless times and even admitted to medical wrong doings. Yet, they are FDA endorsed and still in business. Matter of fact Purdue Pharma recently approved OxyContin for children as young as six years old. They also have to do a four-year follow-up study to mark the amount of overdoses and addiction rate in these children.


Silent Mouths Don’t Get Fed and They Don’t Change Things Either

These types of practices need to stop. People are not statistical numbers for political figures and corporations to play with as they see fit. These people are not God. The citizens of the planet need to rise together and remind theses political leaders of this. Our voices will not be heard as long as we sit silently. When we come together and make our voices heard as one, they’ll have to listen. Those who choose to ignore the people’s request will expose themselves and in an essence be the ending to their careers.

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