Part 3 – The Beauty and Brains of the Cannabis Industry

In this week’s edition of the beauty and brains of the cannabis industry, we will (now) meet two (not three as originally planned) women who have brought style, edge, information and good medication to the cannabis culture and legal cannabis industries. This edition (at one point) feature(d) a founder and editor of a high-class cannabis magazine, a co-owner of a medical marijuana dispensary network, and the CEO and founder of a cannabis business solutions corporation. So sit back roll a joint, pack a bowl or heat up your dab rig and learn more about these women and the companies they are blazing a trail throughout the cannabis culture, community, and industry with.


Jessica Billingsley – MJ Freeway Business Solutions

Jessica Billingsley is the co-founder and CEO of MJ Freeway Business Solutions. The goal of the MJ Freeway Business Solutions team is to provide cannabis businesses within this wonderful industry with high-quality and premium seed to sale tracking software. Their seed to sale software helps you to manage every plant, every dollar, and every gram from the time it is planted to the time it leaves a business’s storefront to help you save both time and money.

MJ Freeway Business Solutions was founded in 2010 by a team of IT professionals and individuals with a background in software. Jessica Billingsley is the co-founder and the COO at MJ Freeway Business Solutions. Jessica obtained her bachelor’s degree in communications and computer science from the University of Georgia in 1998. Before co-founding this great business solution company, she worked as a technical resource programmer at a patient care technology company and was also the President and CEO of Zuko LLC, which provided IT solutions to small businesses.

MJ Freeway Business Solutions is being utilized by infused product manufacturers, processors, retailers and marijuana producers in all 23 states that currently have legal marijuana markets. Jessica is also a very outspoken marijuana advocate. The MJ Freeway Business Solutions is a woman-owned software firm that was listed in the INC 5000. Jessica was also named as one of the top 10 most promising women entrepreneurs by Fortune magazine.

Diane Fornbacher – Founder and Executive Editor of Ladybud Magazine was featured in this article, but contacted us demanding to be removed.


Kristi Kelly – Co-Founder of the Good Meds Network

Kristi Kelly is the co-owner of the Good Meds Network. The Good Meds Network of medical marijuana centers strives to provide the highest quality cannabis for medicinal purposes at an affordable price. All of the genetics and the cannabis/cannabis products offered at dispensaries in the Good Meds Network have carefully curated genetics. The Good Meds Network is proudly affiliated with the National Cannabis Industry Association and the Marijuana Industry Group.

Kristi is the co-owner of the Good Meds Network and an outspoken advocate for cannabis rights as well as the need for safe access to legal banking measures for businesses in legal marijuana industries. Her passion for helping bring banking to this new industry stems from her Colorado locations being burglarized three times and the excessive amount of additional security that is required to keep finances secure.

Kristi knows that it is possible to have a responsible, and legitimate banking relationship between marijuana dispensaries and financial establishments as Kristi legally banked with a financial institution for two years after opening her first dispensary in 2009. It was not until 2011 when the Cole Memo was issued by the US Department of Justice that her account was shut down, and she was forced into a cash only operation structure.

Good Meds Network of dispensaries has been featured in DOPE Magazine, Leafly, and the Culture Magazine. They currently have locations in Lakewood and Englewood Colorado. The medical marijuana products that are offered at their locations include cannabis flowers, edibles, and concentrates. The Good Meds Network is also proud to say they grow every cannabis plant used in the making of their products as well as all of the cannabis sold for medical consumption in their dispensaries.

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