Part 2 – The Beauty and the Brains of the Cannabis Industry

It’s without a doubt that women are leading the way for the marijuana legalization movement as well as setting standards throughout legal cannabis markets. From dispensary owners to political activists they are making a mark in history that will change cannabis forever. In this second installment covering the women of cannabis we will look at 3 more women that are revolutionizing the cannabis industry and marijuana legalization efforts around the globe.


Jaime Perino

Jaime is the owner of what is known as the Apple Store of Dispensaries, Euflora. Euflora has a different vibe than that of many other dispensaries and provides a very well put together setup that allows consumers and patients to self-educate on the different strains and products available for purchase at each location. Prior to entering the cannabis industry Jaime received a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Psychology and Sociology from the University of Wyoming. After college she worked in a number of different fields including sales and the building industry. In 2014 Jaime cashed in her life’s savings and entered the cannabis industry and has never looked back! Euflora is a premier dispensary in Colorado and the ONLY dispensary in the 16th street mall district which is visited by over 2 million visitors every year. The experience at Euflora is like no other dispensary. There two locations offer an open environment in which consumers can view, smell and learn about each strain available for purchase. This is possible thanks to the innovative setups that include iPads displaying information such as potency, cannabinoid levels, flavors, aroma and common effects alongside of a plastic container that allows you to view and smell the buds without touching the product.

EXPERT INTERVIEWS – Jodie Emery “Princess of Pot” – Cannabis Culture & POT TV
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Jodie Emery

Jodie is known as the “Princess of Pot” and is married to the “Prince of Pot”, Marc Emery. Jodie is a Canadian politician and cannabis activist. Jodie has been directly involved with Cannabis activism and legalization efforts in Canada and the United States since 2004. She was directly involved with legalization initiatives in the state of California in 2010 and in Washington State in 2012. Jodie was hired as an assistant editor of the cannabis culture magazine in 2005 which she is now a co-owner of. She is also the co-owner of POT TV and Cannabis Culture Headquarters which is an incredible retail store with all the accessories a cannabis consumer could need! Cannabis Culture HQ has multiple locations across Canada. Jodie regularly attends and is a part of cannabis events throughout North America. She was a part of the Boston Freedom Rally in both 2012 and 2013 and was also a part of the Canadian Investor Conference in 2014. Jodie has been very politically involved over the past several years including a run for the BC Green Party in 2013 and the Liberal Party of Canada in 2014. During her political campaigns she prompted many interviews and conversations surrounding marijuana legalization in Canada. Jodie has also been published in the National Post and Huffington Post.  With all of this said, it is quite easy to see how she is the “Princess of Pot”!


Genifer Murray

Genifer is a co-founder of CannLabs. CannLabs provides scientific testing services on cannabis products from marijuana farmers and dispensaries. Genifer studied Microbiology at Colorado State University from 1990-1994 and obtained her Bachelor’s Degree upon graduation. After college she pursued a career in marketing and sales prior to her move to the cannabis industry. Genifer founded CannLabs in 2010. CannLabs is the oldest and longest running testing facility in Colorado for cannabis products. CannLabs brings the cannabis industry an essential service that provides scientific testing on cannabis products. Testing performed by CannLabs include potency testing, residual solvents testing for extracts and concentrates, microbial testing, pesticide testing, aflatoxin testing and homogeneity testing. These testing services help dispensaries, edible makers and others to be confident in the products that they are providing to consumers in both the medical and recreational cannabis markets. Some of the products they work with include THC infused edibles, hash oil and cannabis flowers. Genifer is also the creator and founder of the Medical Cannabis Testing Coalition. The MCTC was involved with the development of analytical testing standards for cannabis and cannabis products in the state of Colorado.

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