The Beauty and the Brains of the Cannabis Industry

There are many key players in the cannabis legalization movement. In the legal marijuana industries throughout the world, we are seeing many female entrepreneurs leading businesses and organizations. The newly emerging legal cannabis industries around the globe are providing business opportunities that may have otherwise not been available. Women are beginning to dominate this industry because they are taking full advantage of these opportunities. From being owners of cannabis clubs in Beverly Hills to owners of entertainment and news outlets, women can be seen within executive positions throughout the industry. Many people do not realize how big of influence women were in the movement to end alcohol prohibition. You can be sure that they will definitely be a powerful force in ending the prohibition of cannabis worldwide as well. Let’s take a few minutes to look at some of the powerful women in cannabis and how they are leading this industry.

Cheryl Shuman


Cheryl Shuman is known as the Martha Stuart of Marijuana and America’s “First Lady of Cannabis.” These are very well put together aliases when you look at everything Cheryl is involved with and responsible for. Cheryl is most well known for being the CEO and founder of the Beverly Hills Cannabis Club. However, she is the founder of many other organizations and businesses as well. Cheryl is the founder of CannaDabbaDoo, which is one of the world’s first business crowdfunding platforms dedicated to the cannabis industry. She is also the Executive Director of Moms for Marijuana and the CEO of Cheryl Shuman Inc.  Cheryl Shuman Inc. offers services ranging from business connections, product branding, and public relations all the way to marketing and sales solutions. They also offer financing, funding, processing, banking, management, consumer product, research and development solutions. Cheryl is also directly involved with dozens of other businesses and organizations within the ever-growing cannabis industry. She is an inspiration to many and has helped hundreds of businesses succeed!

Aimee Shuman


Aimee Shuman is the daughter of Cheryl Shuman. Aimee has followed in the great path of her mother and works as a career Cannabis PR & Marketing Consultant through her company – 420 Swarm. Aimee is a former co-founder of the Beverly Hills Cannabis Club and former Executive Director of Cheryl Shuman Inc. Aimee is also one of the co-founders of the Beverly Hills chapter of NORML and helped to produce the KushCon Cannabis Convention. Aimee is most passionate about the true benefits that CBD can provide to adolescents without provoking psychoactive effects. Aimee has helped many brands succeed in this wonderful industry… including Expert Joints!

Jane West


Jane West is the National Events Director of Women Grow as well as one of the founders of this great organization. Women Grow is a cannabis organization that is focused on connecting, educating and empowering cannabis industry leaders through programs for current as well as aspiring business executives in this great industry. Jane is also the owner of Edible Events Company. Edible Events Company is a premier cannabis event production company. Jane is also the CEO of her self-titled business Jane West Enterprises, which curates a positive image of socially responsible cannabis consumption and a homegrown family of cannabis brands. Jane has an MSW Degree in Global and Community Outreach on top of her 20 years of experiences in event production.

Jazmin Hupp


Jazmin Hupp is the founder and CEO of Women Grow. Jazmin is directly involved with events in over 30+ cities monthly via Women Grow, the Women Grow National Leadership Summit and the online resources offered by Women GrowFortune Magazine and Forbes have noted Jazmin as being a “genius entrepreneur” and the #1 businesswomen in the cannabis industry. Jazmin served as the Director of Digital Media for Women 2.0 and hopes to help 1,000 women launch businesses in this ever growing green industry. Jazmin has a degree in Management Information Systems from the State University of NY. Jazmin spends most of her time helping others in this industry in New York City, Denver and Oakland but often visits other emerging cannabis markets across the country.

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