EXPERT JOINTS at the Harvest Moon Cup with Snoop Dogg

EXPERT JOINTS was a part of Eden Medicinal Society‘s first annual Harvest Moon Cup on October 24th 2015, featuring a live performance by Snoop Doggalong with DJ Sailor Gerry and Grammy winner Chin Injeti & The Lifetimes!

The Harvest Moon Cup was a chance for the top cannabis producers in the Pacific North West to compete to see who produces the HIGH-est quality flowers. Judges received 39 samples in four categories (indica, sativa, hybrid & high CBD); and voted online based on flavour, potency, aroma, appearance, and overall enjoyment.

The Expert was LIVE for a special broadcast from the event and streamed directly from our booth; which featured the who’s who of Vansterdam‘s scene.

We had a ton of lessons, demos, giveaways and contests planned, but at the very last minute, the rug was pulled out from under us by the venue… forcing a scramble to salvage something to shoot. The event unfortunately didn’t amount to nearly what we had hoped, but were still thrilled to be able to hand out plenty of Pure Hemp & Smoking Papers, as well as chat with the movers and shakers of Vansterdam’s cannabis-community; and even do a special Smoke Break call in on @321CheersThe Social Revolution on Metal Nation Radio!

To see the replay of our broadcast, click HERE and to see the list of winners, click HERE.